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Success Cases

Success Cases

Trusted by Fortune
500 companies

Trusted by Fortune
500 companies


Featured success cases

We are trusted by world-class clients; among them, Fortune 500 brands and leaders in cutting-edge technologies.

Check out who they are, their industries and the impact our Includers have made on their businesses:

Kaufmann Mercedes-Benz

A leading global automotive company required real-time information for the correct operation of its warehouse. Its key users needed updated data on pending work, incoming and outgoing parts and vehicles, as well as clear indicators to make business decisions.

AES Energy - Success Case - Software Development - Inclusion Cloud

AES Energy

A Fortune 500 Energy & Utilities corporation needed to centralize its data sources and remove all manual processes to make faster business decisions with up-to-date information from its different areas.


A global tire manufacturing company needed to automate the process of reporting its digital credit invoices and tax digital reports to the argentinean fiscal authority (AFIP) for its offices in Argentina. They required integration between SAP ERP and AFIP’s online services.

Jose Cuervo - Success Case - Software Development - Inclusion Cloud

Jose Cuervo

The #1 largest producer of tequila in the world needed a deeper knowledge of its agave plantations to ensure the best quality crops. Since the crop control process was carried out manually, the company did not have a complete view of its agave plantations or exact harvest forecasts.

Sanofi - Success Case- Inclusion Cloud


SANOFI needed to standardize its software tools globally and improve the performance of its shared services centers. The company partnered with us to implement Opentext VIM for automating its suppliers’ invoice processing.

ENAP Success Case - Inclusion Cloud

ENAP Oil&Gas

Chile’s national petroleum company (enap) received its clients’ purchasing orders by telephone and e-mail, resulting in a duplication of work. On the other hand, the burden on their SAP ERP system was done manually, leading to typing errors and requiring efforts that were not time and cost-efficient.


A latam telco company needed to make the most of its investments in salesforce sales cloud and salesforce community cloud. They required an agile pod to carry out support maintenance for salesforce, within a limited time frame.



Argentina’s main public works construction company needed to digitalize the input & output of the materials stocked in its warehouses and make more efficient purchases. Thus, they required a mobile application to report stock status updates for each of their warehouses.


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