About Bayer

Client: Bayer l Industry: Healthcare

Bayer is a global pharmaceutical and life sciences company that develops and produces a wide range of products and services. With headquarters in Germany, the company operates in over 90 countries around the world.

In terms of software development, Bayer has been investing in digital transformation and innovation for many years. The company has developed several software solutions to support its various business units, including research and development, manufacturing, supply chain management, and customer service.

Bayer has also been actively involved in the development of healthcare software solutions, including digital therapeutics and patient engagement tools. These solutions are designed to improve patient outcomes and provide more personalized care.

Overall, Bayer’s software development efforts are focused on leveraging technology to improve efficiency, drive innovation, and create value for its customers and stakeholders.

Their need

Our client was committed to digital transformation and recognized that optimizing their mission-critical business applications was essential to achieving this goal. The applications, which included functions such as inventory costing, invoicing, purchasing, and sales order generation, were essential to the smooth operation of their business.

To ensure that these applications were functioning optimally, our client aimed to streamline the development and QA/testing process. By doing so, they hoped to speed up the delivery of new features and functionality, while also improving the quality of the applications themselves.

Our expert Solution

Our client needed to speed up the development and QA/testing of their mission-critical business applications, which included functions such as inventory costing, invoicing, purchasing, and sales order generation. To address this challenge, we proposed a solution that involved providing a dedicated Scrum team composed of Java/Vue.js FullStack Developers and QA/Testing Engineers. This team would work closely with our client to understand their business requirements and develop solutions that met their needs.

The team leveraged the Scrum methodology, agile development techniques, and powerful development tools and frameworks to accelerate the development and QA/testing of our client’s mission-critical applications. As a result, we were able to deliver high-quality, scalable, and maintainable applications that met our client’s business requirements quickly and efficiently.

The project results

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