Transforming Healthcare for the Digital World

Transforming Healthcare for the Digital World


About Sanofi

Client: Sanofi l Industry: Healthcare

Sanofi is a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in France. As one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Sanofi focuses on researching, developing, and manufacturing a wide range of medications and vaccines. Their product portfolio spans various therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular health, diabetes, rare diseases, and vaccines. Sanofi is committed to improving global health and addressing unmet medical needs through innovation, research, and partnerships.

Their need

SANOFI needed to standardize its software tools globally and improve the performance of its shared services centers. The company partnered with us to implement Opentext VIM for automating its suppliers’ invoice processing.

Our expert Solution

We implemented and customized opentext vim for sanofi’s offices in argentina, chile, uruguay, paraguay, brazil, panama, colombia, and mexico. We worked with their distributed teams and its hubs to provide solutions tailored to each country’s needs and legal requirements.

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The project results

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