Transforming Warehouse Management with Image Recognition and AI

Transforming Warehouse Management with Image Recognition and AI


About Tenaris

Client: Tenaris l Industry: Manufacturing

Tenaris, a global leader in the steel pipe industry, showcases significant production capabilities and worldwide influence. With an annual production capacity of 3.3 million tons of seamless and 2.8 million tons of welded pipes, the company demonstrates its manufacturing prowess. Spanning over 25 countries, Tenaris’s global reach reflects its prominent position in the market. This international operation is driven by a dedicated workforce of nearly 23,000 employees, underpinning the company’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Their need

Tenaris faced a significant challenge in their warehouses: the manual counting of pipes was slow and prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies in inventory management. The company needed a solution to speed up this process, improve accuracy, and integrate smoothly with their existing systems.

Our expert Solution

To address Tenaris’s needs, a multi-faceted technological solution was developed:

  • Introduced AI with image recognition and pattern detection, streamlining pipe counting.
  • Mobile devices capture pipe images; AI recognizes and counts, aiding dispatch and inventory.
  • Integrated this system with Tenaris’s Oracle ERP to enhance efficiency and accuracy.
  • Pipes marked with QR codes for streamlined tracking and identification.
  • Offline mode for data storage in low-connectivity areas, synchronizing with ERP when online.
  • Designed a user interface suitable for glove use and varying light conditions, ensuring easy operation in the warehouses.

The project results

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