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Access a diverse pool of tech experts and build a highly skilled, adaptable team. Whether scaling capacity, bridging gaps, or seeking specialized skills, our staff augmentation offers flexible solutions to fit your specific needs.


We maintain consistent, dependable partnerships with the most prominent tech companies globally.

We maintain formidable partnerships with the most prominent tech companies globally.


Our fundamental principles revolve around adaptability, openness, and prioritizing the needs of our clients.


How we innovate

Wide pool of talent

We offer elite tech talent, giving businesses the best industry professionals.

Scalability and flexibility

We provide tailored solutions to match each client’s specific project needs.

Faster time to market

Our model lets businesses quickly adjust team sizes for flexibility and cost-efficiency.


Our services are more cost-effective than traditional hiring, saving businesses recruitment, training, and benefits expenses.

Specialized skills

We provide specialized expertise, enabling businesses to access essential skills and knowledge for project success.

Seamless integration

We seamlessly integrate our resources with client teams, promoting a unified work environment for optimal productivity.


Why choose us as your staff augmentation partner

Embrace collaboration and trust with our staff augmentation services. Our solutions guarantee efficient scalability and seamless integration. Benefit from our elite tech talent and cost-effective approach. We prioritize data security and ensure seamless communication with English proficiency and time zone alignment. Choose Inclusion Cloud provide you with augmented teams to tackle your most complex projects.


Choose the right IT service model
for your company

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated teams present talent that directly oversees the entire development project. This option provides a management structure with hands-on supervision of workflows and tasks.

Software Development

We’ll oversee the entire development process in a project-based model. From establishing the specs to allocating workflow, setting timescales and quality testing, we manage it all.

Staff Augmentation

Hire hourly and/or part-time Software Engineers that support your in-house team’s outsourcing staff cycle as needed. The easiest way to scale your teams’ capacity.

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