Mariano Baca Storni

Letter from the CEO

2020 and 2021 has placed companies around the world – and their processes – under the microscope. The unexpected COVID-19 crisis widened the gap between organizations that invested in technological innovation at scale before the pandemic and those that did not. Today, the need for digital innovation is greater than ever, driven by new challenges that are more disruptive than those faced in the past.

In this context, Inclusion’s mission is more relevant than in any other time period. At Inclusion we have helped companies increase their productivity, optimize costs and create value to gain a competitive edge by providing the best software solutions.

We are a company Powered by Technology and Driven by Talent. Our people are our greatest asset. For this reason, global brands trust us to deliver innovative ideas, cutting-edge technological solutions and agile executions.

I invite you to join us in this existing journey. It’s time to go for more!”

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CEO of Inclusion Cloud

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Mariano Baca Storni - CEO - Inclusion Cloud - Meeting
Mariano Baca Storni - CEO - Inclusion Cloud

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Why Inclusion?


Long-term partnerships with top Enterprise technology players.


Immediate access to certified talent pools, who can quickly scale up and adapt to existing teams.


15+ years of experience as strategic partners of Fortune 500 companies.

Our Engineering Team

Top IT talent such as Software Developers for Salesforce APEX, Oracle, SAP ABAP, AWS, GCP and Azure devops, Full-Stack developers, Back-End engineers and more.

Partner Ecosystem

Salesforce Consultant Partner, SAP Gold Partner, AWS Partner Network, Google Cloud Platform Partner, Zebra ISV Partner, OpenText Partner, SAP Concur Partner.

Awards & Recognitions

SAP Innovation Project by ASUG, SAP Innovative Project for Retail, SAP Sales High Achiever, SAP Sales High Achiever, Innovation in International SAP Conference for Utilities (Milán), SAP Sales High Achiever, SAP Marketing Initiative and SAP Development and Innovation.

Corporate Certifications

ISO 9001, ISO 90003, AmCham Chamber of Commerce US, Great Place to Work, ASUG Partner.

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Our Partnerships

Our Corporate Certifications

Certified quality assurance and management standards

(Americas’ SAP Users’ Group)

GPTW - Great Place To Work - Inclusion Cloud

Great Place To Work

AMCHAM - American Chamber of Commerce - Inclusion Cloud

Members of the United States Chamber of Commerce

See all of our corporate certifications, regulations and standards.

Our Core Values

Customer Care Focus

We are known for not only do partnering with our clients to continuously detect, help and solve their business needs, but also for constantly following up to guarantee and generate an open and cooperative bond of trust.

Open Thinking

We are no strangers to diverse work environments, with heterogeneous individuals or groups, considering ideas and opinions, finding innovative and effective methods to face and solve challenges and contribute successful ideas.

Excellent Outcomes

We stand out for our productivity, establishing priorities effectively and for complying with working methodologies, by achieving standards of excellence and a higher level of performance.

Business Insight

Our values are aligned with our goals and strategies. Through their personification we detect opportunities, areas of improvement and anticipate challenges that might impact our business. We are always eager to learn new technologies, provide information to increase intellectual capital and demonstrate professionalism in our industry.


We undertake actions aimed at improving and enhancing, not only our talent, but also our clients, both in knowledge and skills. Thus, demonstrating initiative, making decisions, taking risks, assuming accountability, for them to achieve outstanding results and generate added value to their businesses.


We cultivate and encourage knowledge and idea sharing, develop group activities, become acquainted with industry best practices, increase intellectual capital and create new business opportunities.


Trusted by the World's Best Organizations


Trusted By The World's Best Organizations

“Inclusion helped us in the digital transformation of our critical business processes. As a result, we were able to reduce our billing process time from one week to a half day, which improved the management of clients with highest revenue through new contracts”.

Guillermo De Simone

“Before implementing Inclusion’s monitor, processing an E2E invoice took us an average of 25 min per document and now it takes an average of 2 min per document. Also 95% of our invoices are being approved and reported to the Argentinean Fiscal Authority (AFIP) without any need of intervention from the Accounts Payable department”.

Natalia Chavarria Garita

¨Inclusion is a forward-thinking company that embraces challenges head-on. Their innovative spirit enabled Transener-Transba to design and engineer disruptive technological solutions that leverage drones, mobile apps, and ERP SAP integrations to improve electrical service for 45 million people¨.

Claudio Aguirreberry