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About the client


A globally recognized tire manufacturer, Goodyear is celebrated for its high-quality products. With a robust brand reputation, this industry leader is propelled by innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

The challenge

Our client identified the necessity of automating the submission of digital credit invoices and tax reports to the Argentinean fiscal authority (AFIP) for their operations in Argentina. They required a seamless integration between SAP ERP and AFIP’s online services to ensure an efficient and precise process.

Our expert Solution

We streamlined the integration between the client’s SAP ERP and AFIP’s online services by developing a financial monitor. This tool enables key users to approve or reject electronic credit invoices and automatically calculate totals.

Financial Operations Simplified

Streamline your financial workflow, connecting directly with regulatory services for effortless compliance.

Decision-Making Empowered

Enable decisive invoice management, allowing for quick approval or rejection to maintain financial fluidity.

Efficiency and Accuracy Enhanced

Automate and expedite financial reconciliations, reducing errors and freeing up valuable time for strategic tasks.

Project outcomes


Time efficiency gained


Cost reduction


Traceability achieved

Enhanced Standardization
and Integration

Real-Time Data Processing 

“Witnessing our operations transform with Inclusion Cloud’s solutions has been a game-changer.”

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