About the client

Client: A High-Tech Company in the Entertainment Industry

Our client, a leading entertainment-tech company with a global presence, needed to modernize its talent acquisition processes. They operate in over 70 countries, supporting a wide range of artists and creators. They wanted to improve how they find and manage talent while keeping up with the fast-paced entertainment industry. To tackle this, they decided to use AI technology, specifically Workday ERP, to make their HR and recruitment processes more efficient and effective.

The Challenge

The major challenge was to redesign the company’s recruiting procedures in the tech industry while leveraging Workday’s ERP potential. This includes improved applicant sourcing, recruiting relations, and general staff management. The company’s goal was to increase HR staff productivity, make data-driven hiring decisions, and eventually secure the top talents in the tech industry.

Our expert Solution

Our team, leveraging extensive experience in recruiting top tech talent, assumed a defining leadership role to facilitate this project. We seamlessly integrated Workday with cutting-edge, AI-driven tools, including:

  • AI-driven resume screening tools.
  • Candidate engagement chatbots.


By doing so, we streamlined the recruitment process, enabling efficient job postings, applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, offer management, and onboarding optimization.

This centralized approach provided valuable insights from a unified, trusted source of truth for the HR team.

The project results

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