Providing top-tier talent for monitoring and support

About the client


A leading company which specializes in the development of cloud,
on-premises solutions, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The challenge

Oracle’s challenge involved securing exceptional tech talent to ensure mission-critical monitoring and advanced support for their Oracle-engineered systems, particularly the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Additionally, they needed help with resolving issues in the operational ERP (Fusion) interfaces of core business processes and establishing cloud environments to test upgrades without affecting production.

Our expert Solution

We played a key role in providing exceptional tech talent for mission-critical support, addressing ERP interface issues, and developing dedicated cloud environments for testing upgrades. These efforts enabled Oracle to improve system performance, resolve interface problems, and streamline the upgrade process for their engineered systems and ERP interfaces.

Exceptional Tech

We supplied premier tech experts proficient in overseeing mission-critical monitoring and support tasks for Oracle systems, ensuring peak system availability and performance.

ERP Interface

Our consultants tackled operational ERP (Fusion) interface challenges, offering their expertise to guarantee the seamless functionality of Oracle’s ERP systems.

Cloud Environments for Upgrade Testing

Certified consultants were key in setting up isolated cloud environments for detailed upgrade testing, minimizing disruptions and improving the overall upgrade process for Oracle.

The project results


Positive Feedback


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System Uptime

“A distinctive feature of Inclusion Cloud is their ability to listen to us and meet our needs.”

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