About AES

Client: AES l Industry: Utilities

AES is a global power company that operates in various regions, providing sustainable energy solutions. With a focus on renewable energy and energy storage, AES develops and operates power generation facilities, including wind, solar, and hydroelectric plants. The company is committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean energy solutions to meet the world’s growing demand for electricity while minimizing environmental impact.

Their need

Our client, A Fortune 500 Energy & Utilities corporation, needed to centralize its data sources and remove all manual processes to make faster business decisions with up-to-date information from its different areas.

Our expert Solution

We automated the data upload corroboration process with RPA by creating a smart bot to monitor data entered through email checking, every 3 hours. If it detected that a process was not carried out correctly, it sent a notification to a designated person so they could correct the situation.

SAP Cloud Platform - Inclusion Cloud - SAP Certifications

The project results

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