Mastercard CASE STUDY

Transforming fintech for the digital world

About the client


MasterCard, a global fintech leader, specializes in payment solutions for credit, debit, prepaid, and commercial cards. Their expertise extends to digital payments, real-time transactions, and enhancing payment system security.

The challenge

MasterCard has engaged our Staff Augmentation services to improve their Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

Our specialization in customizing POS systems for secure online payments, incorporating magnetic stripe and chip technologies, as well as enabling cardless transactions, positions us as an ideal partner for this organization.

Our expert Solution

In our dynamic partnership with MasterCard, we’re redefining the digital user experience by creating intuitive applications and websites, fully integrated with MasterCard’s advanced payment systems. Our team, experts in the latest fintech innovations, brings together top-tier engineers, developers, and UX/UI specialists, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed industry standards for security and innovation.

This collaboration signifies our commitment to delivering custom technology solutions that propel our clients, including leaders like MasterCard, to the forefront of the fintech industry, maintaining their competitive edge in an evolving digital landscape.

Team for MasterCard's Goals

Our team, combining senior engineers, developers, DevOps, BI Analysts, and UX/UI experts, leverages the latest fintech trends to deliver top-notch solutions for MasterCard.

Committed Partnership with MasterCard

Our partnership with MasterCard underscores our dedication to advancing fintech, driving leading companies to the forefront.

Driving Fintech Innovation

Dedicated to innovation, we’re driving fintech growth by seamlessly scaling teams to deliver tailored solutions for industry leaders.

The project results


Transaction speed


Error rates


Payment methods


User satisfaction


Fraud reduction

“Our collaboration exceeded expectations. The team’s expertise and dedication were evident, transforming our customer experience.”

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