Elevating construction business with cutting-edge software solutions

Elevating construction business with cutting-edge software solutions



Client: SACDE l Industry: Construction

SACDE is a logistics company specializing in container handling and storage. Operating in various ports across South America, SACDE offers comprehensive container depot services, including storage, repair, maintenance, and transportation. They play a crucial role in facilitating international trade and ensuring efficient movement of goods through their strategic locations and robust infrastructure. SACDE’s commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted partner in the logistics industry.

Their need

Argentina’s main public works construction company needed to digitalize the input & output of the materials stocked in its warehouses and make more efficient purchases. Thus, they required a mobile application to report stock status updates for each of their warehouses.

Our expert Solution

We created a mobile app, which their operators could use to automatically update stock status by scanning a qr upon entry and exit in each warehouse. The histories of their materials were registered in SAP.

SAP Cloud Platform - Inclusion Cloud - SAP Certifications

The project results

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