Enhancing financial reporting and community organization through seamless integration.

Enhancing financial reporting and community organization through seamless integration.


About Mallplaza

Client: Mallplaza | Industry: Retail and Real Estate

Mallplaza is a leading company with urban centers strategically located in various countries from Latin America. With a strong focus on improving the quality of life for people in areas away from city centers, Mallplaza provides multifunctional spaces that cater to various needs and offer a wide range of services. From retailtainment, entertainment, and dining options to automotive, medical centers, educational centers, and more, Mallplaza continues to evolve to simplify the lives of its visitors and enhance their enjoyment.

With a commitment to people’s well-being and a customer-centric approach, Mallplaza aims to create social gathering spaces that harmonize with their surroundings and serve as vibrant city hubs. They constantly innovate their formats, introduce attractive brands, and deliver exceptional experiences inspired by the causes and interests of their visitors.

Their need

Mallplaza faced several challenges related to data integration and management. They needed to connect information hosted in SAP BW to Google Cloud Platform, enabling their financial sector to access reports on contracts and billing. Additionally, Mallplaza aimed to organize their community of entrepreneurs, gain insights into sales generated at each fair, and track the interests of participants. They required a solution that would streamline these processes, improve data synchronization, and enhance overall efficiency.

Our expert Solution

We provided Mallplaza with comprehensive solutions to address their specific needs and optimize their operations. Our expertise in integration and data management enabled us to develop effective solutions tailored to Mallplaza’s requirements.

  • Integration Architecture: Developed a robust integration architecture connecting SAP BW, SAP HANA, and Google Cloud Platform. Enabled real-time access to key financial information, such as contract offers, exchange rates, invoices, NC, business partners’ relationships, and contracts.
  • Web Portal: Created a user-friendly web portal for data updates and registration. Streamlined the organization of entrepreneur fairs, allowing the entry of sales data and maintaining a growth history for each user. Automated data synchronization with Mallplaza’s SAP system.
  • Process Integration: Seamlessly integrated commercial and marketing processes, improving data flow and collaboration between departments.
  • Traceability: Provided comprehensive traceability of entrepreneur activities and event earnings. Enabled tracking of sales generated at each fair and monitoring the growth and performance of individual entrepreneurs.
  • Centralized Information Management: Streamlined information entry and management, eliminating manual updates and ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
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The project results

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