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Salesforce is undoubtedly the world’s biggest CRM. With a 19.8% share of the CRM market -more than the 4 following competitors combined-, its growth since it went public in 2004 has no comparison. More than 73.000 employees work in Salesforce right now, which makes it one of the biggest tech workers employers around the globe.  

We analyzed this growth and its correlated workforce demand projections from a business perspective here.  

However, the development on the company’s side isn’t the most important parameter. As Salesforce itself understands, this process is tied to its clients’ growth, which gives way to a whole environment -that includes partners and related tools. 

This entire ecosystem, known as the Salesforce Economy, is expected to generate 3.3 million new jobs over the next 4 years according to this IDC study. If you are working in IT, Salesforce can be a great opportunity to access the US job market and build a lasting career.  

Salesforce job opportunities: Present situation 

At this moment, the demand for Salesforce talent is skyrocketing, growing 364% YoY globally. With 91% of Northern American companies using Salesforce, professionals who are able to manage it and explode all its benefits are more wanted day after day. However, the number of people learning Salesforce isn’t following this trend: last year, they were just 23% more.  

For engineers and developers, this basically means more and better offers. There’s not only a noticeable improvement in salaries and corporative benefits but also emergent talent pools are becoming more and more necessary.  This is especially the case in South America, which showed the highest talent supply growth percentage overall at 42% YoY. 

Let’s dig into this topic. 

Breaking the borders  

On the second hand, besides high workforce demand, there’s an undeniable increase in remote working and digital culture, which was accelerated due to the pandemic. This other aspect allows the Salesforce Economy to open to new job markets that were inaccessible a few years before. 

Developing countries, mostly found in South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia, have become a great pool of talents for companies that are willing to implement Salesforce -or already doing it. As highly talented engineers and developers can be found, the whole Salesforce ecosystem is looking for new ways of reaching these talents.  


The pathway to building professionals 

A great perk of opting for a career in Salesforce’s technologies is their learning ecosystem. As we mentioned before, workforce demand is already a challenge for companies trying to hire around the world, especially in the US.   

Therefore, Salesforce has put a great effort into developing and improving an environment that can really help professionals, besides certifying their knowledge and skills.  


Firstly, Salesforce built an impressive online, free platform in which developers and engineers can learn new skills and earn credentials. In such a fluid job market as IT, being able to evolve and adapt to new needs is an important boost.  

This effort is highly valuable, and it definitively makes the difference. As this Valoir study shows, 50% of Trailhead users said their training there had a raise or promotion as a result.  


The second important Salesforce initiative for building talents and paving the way to an engineer’s career on the subject is the Trailblazers’ community. The project consists in inviting Salesforce professionals to share their experiences and guide other people into best practices, job opportunities, and tips. This process was impressively successful, reaching a community of more than 1300 groups around the globe that participate in events and interact with each other. 

All signs point to Salesforce 

In conclusion, our recommendation is to take Salesforce into account. As you may see, its ecosystem is growing, and they’re willing you to become a part of it. For developers and engineers, it’s a huge opportunity to build a sustainable career, with great salaries and working conditions.  

If you want to know more about working with Salesforce, especially for US companies, don’t hesitate to contact us!  

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