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If you’ve trained to work in IT, or are already working in this area, you’ve probably heard of the advantages of working for US companies. However, you should know: as there are benefits, there are also many opportunities.  

For this reason, it sounds reasonable for you to start exploring this part of the job market. However, this doesn’t mean it won’t take any effort from you, and it will be better to start thinking of a strategy.  

Keep reading this article to start this journey on the right foot! 

How common is outsourcing?  

In the last few years, outsourcing has become a massive practice among US companies, having a specially heavy demand in the IT area. According to recent research made by Zippia, 37% of IT services are outsourced now. Essentially, both big firms and startups find foreign IT talents a great way of cutting costs, expanding their teams fast, and selecting experts for specific places.  

This situation opens a great opportunity for specialists of the whole world -mainly developing countries, such as most of Latin America- to start working for the US. Achieving this means almost always a boost in earnings, but this isn’t the only reason to start following this path.  

Know the actual experience of working for the US  

Starting to work in the US may seem like a great challenge at first: Interviews, not knowing the rest of the team personally, compulsory remote work, long etcetera. However, there are many great options that will help you achieve this goal without feeling like you’re jumping with no parachute.  

working for the US: Inclusion Cloud
working for the US: Inclusion Cloud

Containment and social environment 

The lack of support and containment is one of the biggest fears people experience before being hired in the US. In this sense, there’s a substantial difference between Human Resources companies that find places for workers there and Technological Staff Augmentation companies.   

These second-type firms, where Inclusion Cloud belongs, provide full teams and resources including support, training, and even physical offices for their professionals. 

Reach the top 

On the other hand, joining a US company usually fulfills the desire of working in the first leagues. Having a broadly higher budget, US enterprises tend to implement the latest technologies and dedicate their human resources to specific tasks such as programming languages, digital tools, and so on.  

Working in the US means being a specialist.  

How to achieve working for US companies?  

In order to succeed in job searching and interviews, there are many good practices you should consider before building your strategy. Let’s see some of them:  

Set up your priorities 

To start working for another country is usually a substantial change in everyday life. Therefore, it’s important to have all the possible clarity on which are our main goals, and what we are looking for.  

Earning more is already a common thing to say, but there are many other reasons. Try finding your own priorities and finding an order for them. That will be essential by the time of keeping you motivated! 

Some common factors are:  

  • Workplace flexibility 
  • Career opportunities 
  • Working for big brands 
  • Learning (especially innovative technologies) 

Understand the remote culture 

Outsourcing is naturally linked to remote work. Although there may be a physical place for you to work (especially if the company has more workers in your city), making the most of remote work is a key skill for tech professionals.  

As you may imagine, companies pursue all potential benefits from outsourcing, which entails flexibility, comfort, and focus. It is really important for you to understand and be a part of the digital environment, including commonly used tools, networks, slang, and costumes.  

Take your English as far as you can 

As obvious as it may sound, the importance of having English language skills cannot be overstated. Even though programming languages may be universal, and you won’t be needing it for your specific tasks, speaking English is essential to start working in the US.  

From understanding your superiors’ needs to expressing problems, progress, and results, having effective communication abilities is absolutely needed, and asked for.  

So, you know, if your goal is to find an IT job in the US, you should start practicing your English now.  

We’re ready to help you 

Lastly, if you are an IT professional and want to start working for the US market, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re experts in matching IT talents with the best companies in the US.  

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