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Transforming AgTech for the digital world

Client: COFCO

Industry: AgTech


COFCO International is a leading global agribusiness company with a vertically integrated supply chain operating in over 35 countries and serving customers in more than 120 countries worldwide. They focus on sourcing, processing, and distributing agricultural products while promoting responsible farming practices and sustainability. COFCO International is part of COFCO Group, China’s largest food and agriculture company, and is committed to meeting the growing demand for high-quality, sustainably sourced agricultural products worldwide.

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Their Need

Due to the lack of an efficient and integrated system to manage customer relationships and streamline operations in the Fertilizer, Grains, and Processed Products areas of the agriculture company. Salespeople faced difficulties in capturing and sharing information while on the go, and collaboration between the Credit and Logistics departments was challenging. This led to delays, errors, and decreased customer satisfaction. The company needed a solution that would enable Salespeople to easily upload information, connect with other departments, and track sales activities in real-time, while enhancing collaboration and communication across different teams.

Our expert Solution

We conducted a  Design Thinking workshop with the leading agriculture company to create a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that was adapted to the unique requirements of their Fertilizer, Grains, and Processed Products areas. The goal was to streamline the company’s operations, enhance collaboration between teams, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

During the workshop, we used a range of remote collaboration tools to facilitate brainstorming sessions and engage stakeholders from different departments. Through this process, we identified the key pain points faced by the company’s sales teams, including difficulties in capturing and sharing information while on the road, and challenges in collaborating with the Credit and Logistics departments.

To address these issues, we created a CRM system that could be accessed by Salespeople on the go, from any device. We also developed several mobile applications that allow Salespeople to easily capture and upload information obtained during their tours, and connect it with the Credit and Logistics areas. This allows for real-time tracking of sales activities, order management, and logistics coordination.

By implementing this CRM solution, the company has been able to improve the efficiency of its sales and logistics operations, while enhancing collaboration and communication across different departments. The system has also helped to increase customer satisfaction by providing more accurate and timely information, leading to better customer service and increased sales.

The Project Results

This initiative aimed to reduce credit risk, simplify sales planning by area, and incentivize vendors based on their achievements. The company implemented strategies to assess and mitigate credit risks, streamlined sales planning by analyzing regional data, and introduced a vendor incentive program based on performance metrics. These initiatives improved financial performance, strengthened the supply chain, and enhanced product quality and delivery times.

87% faster

The creation of visits and reports is made 87% faster

19% sales increase

by opportunity identification joint ventures between areas

62% faster credit reports

Customer Credit Reports faster with information updated in real Time

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