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July 18, 2023
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In 2023 Oracle wants to kick the board and stand up to its competitors. However, the Austin-based company wants to take a different path, considering the difficulties being faced by some of its rivals that use Open AI’s generative AI model.   

Open AI, the company that leads the market in generative AI models is being investigated by the FTC due to some security incidents that would be violating consumer protection laws.   

So it makes sense for Oracle to think about a strategy to set itself apart. Oracle is betting big on a new player, the startup Cohere, which is already attracting the attention of many VC investors. In this article, we’ll look at how this generative AI model stands out and fits in with Oracle’s services

Cohere, A New Player Joins the Oracle Team 

Cohere is a Toronto-based startup that has rapidly gained recognition as a leading player in the generative AI industry. Founded in 2019 by Aidan Gomez, Nick Frosst, and Ivan Zhang, all experts in the field of AI, Cohere has set out to bring “Google-quality AI to the masses.” The company specializes in training large language models (LLMs) using massive datasets, with a particular focus on foundation models. These foundation models form the basis for many of the advanced generative AI technologies that have captured the industry’s attention

Cohere’s rise to prominence can be attributed to its innovative approach and the groundbreaking work of its co-founders. Aidan Gomez, a former research intern at Google Brain, co-authored a pivotal paper in 2017 on training AI models to enhance language understanding using a method called “transformers.” This method has since become fundamental to the development of LLMs, including models used by industry giants like OpenAI.  

With its deep expertise in generative AI and foundation models, Cohere has attracted significant attention and investments from both venture capital firms and renowned tech companies. Oracle’s decision to invest in Cohere signifies the startup’s increasing prominence and the recognition of its potential in driving advancements in the AI landscape

Through its partnership with Oracle, Cohere’s generative AI technology will be integrated into a wide range of Oracle’s products. This collaboration enables Oracle’s enterprise customers to leverage Cohere’s expertise in training specialized large language models while maintaining the privacy and security of their training data.  

Why Oracle Is Betting on Cohere? 

Oracle’s decision to partner with Cohere stems from a combination of strategic factors. Firstly, Cohere possesses the expertise to train, deploy, and build generative AI models on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This collaboration enables Cohere’s language model to be seamlessly integrated into Oracle’s suite of business applications, including Oracle Fusion Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, and industry-specific applications

Oracle’s partnership with Cohere comes at a time when technology giants like Microsoft and Google are fiercely competing to gain an edge in the burgeoning generative AI market. With Microsoft’s close partnership with OpenAI, Oracle sought an alternative partner to position itself uniquely in the market. Cohere emerged as a reasonable alternative due to its specialization in foundation models, which are machine-learning models trained on extensive datasets. The scarcity of providers with expertise in this area makes Cohere’s capabilities invaluable. 

The alliance between Oracle and Cohere fosters healthy competition within the generative AI space. Rather than aligning with OpenAI, Oracle diversifies the market by partnering with a different large language model (LLM) provider. This move is not merely about differentiation but rather aligning resources to counter a common competitor, signaling Oracle’s strategic intentions. 

While the generative AI market is still in its early stages, both Oracle and Cohere acknowledge the challenges it presents, including governance, security, and privacy. However, Oracle’s long-standing focus on delivering enterprise-grade capabilities positions them well to address these concerns. Oracle emphasizes its commitment to customer data control and privacy, affirming that customer data will remain separate from its own. 

By joining forces, Oracle and Cohere aim to offer customers advanced generative AI capabilities, maintain data security and privacy, and ultimately shape the future of the generative AI landscape. With OCI serving as the platform for their joint initiatives, customers can look forward to leveraging generative AI while retaining control over their valuable data

Why Oracle Is Betting on Cohere

Oracle and Cohere: The Key Differentiators 

A notable distinction between Cohere and its competitors lies in its privacy-focused approach. Cohere enables enterprise customers to train specialized LLMs using their own data while maintaining strict data privacy. One of the primary goals of the partnership, according to Oracle founder and CTO Larry Ellison, is to facilitate the training of customized LLMs using private data to protect the privacy and security of customers’ data. 

Oracle’s AI Competitive Advantage: 

While Oracle has its own homegrown AI technologies, its collaboration with Cohere highlights the company’s commitment to harnessing the best-in-class AI capabilities available in the market. Furthermore, Oracle’s experience in managing and securing large amounts of data positions it as a trusted partner for organizations seeking enterprise-grade AI solutions. 

The Vision: Empowering Industries with Generative AI 

By integrating Cohere’s generative AI models into its cloud infrastructure, Oracle ensures superior performance, security, and scalability for its customers. The collaboration aims to revolutionize industries by offering tailored generative AI solutions. Oracle’s extensive portfolio of cloud applications, combined with AI, enables organizations to automate processes, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences

Looking Ahead: The Future of Oracle and Generative AI 

Oracle’s strategic partnership with Cohere underscores the rapid growth and potential of the generative AI market. While giants like Microsoft and Google dominate the landscape, Oracle aims to diversify the market. The real challenges that organizations must address are linked to data governance, security, and privacy in order for customers to run their AI models with the peace of mind that their data will not be under threat of breaches and vulnerability


As Oracle sets its sights on delivering best-in-class cloud services empowered by generative AI, the competition in the race for cloud supremacy has intensified. Amidst this competitive landscape, Oracle has made a calculated but potentially rewarding decision by investing in Cohere, an up-and-coming startup that holds great promise but still has much to prove. 

Data privacy and security have become paramount concerns for businesses and consumers alike. Oracle’s strategic emphasis on data privacy serves as a shrewd move that resonates with market demands. Recognizing the need for businesses to retain control over their valuable data, Oracle enables organizations to keep their data on-premises. This approach empowers businesses to protect their data from unauthorized access, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and mitigate the risk of data breaches.  

Discover how our comprehensive suite of solutions, backed by Oracle’s expertise can propel your business forward. Automate tasks, optimize operations, and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to leverage the seamless integration of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Cohere’s groundbreaking generative AI models. Contact us now to explore how our services can transform your business and position you as a leader in the age of intelligent automation. 

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