Microsoft Build 2023
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Microsoft Build, the highly anticipated annual developer conference, recently concluded its 2023 edition with a flurry of announcements and innovations.

This year’s event showcased Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to empowering developers and driving technological advancements. With a strong focus on AI integration, cutting-edge updates, and revolutionary tools, Microsoft Build 2023 has set the stage for the future of software development.

In this article, we will explore the highlights from the event, examine the practical applications of these tools, and discuss how developers can leverage them to create groundbreaking solutions.

Embracing AI: Transforming the Development Landscape

Microsoft Build 2023 reaffirmed Microsoft’s dedication to integrating AI technologies into the development process, enabling developers to build intelligent and adaptive applications.

Bing Integrated into ChatGPT

One of the standout announcements at the event was the integration of Bing, the world’s largest search engine, into ChatGPT, leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

This integration marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing the way people interact with search and how developers can leverage the AI platform.

Three exciting updates were unveiled to enhance the experience:

Bing search integration in ChatGPT

The integration of Bing search within ChatGPT brings a new level of functionality.

Users now have a built-in search engine, allowing them to receive more relevant and up-to-date answers directly within the chat interface. This empowers users with a seamless way to access information and stay informed.

Common plugin platform with OpenAI and new partners

Microsoft has collaborated with OpenAI and other partners to introduce a common plugin platform.

This platform enables developers to extend the capabilities of ChatGPT by integrating various plugins. By doing so, ChatGPT becomes a versatile tool, with developers contributing to a vibrant ecosystem of customized experiences.

Expanded Bing Chat Integration with Microsoft’s Copilot

Microsoft has expanded the integration of Copilot, their AI-powered coding tool, with Bing Chat.

This integration enhances the coding experience by providing more comprehensive and accurate suggestions. ChatGPT now includes a built-in search engine, enabling timely and updated responses based on web data.

The integration of Bing into ChatGPT demonstrates the power of AI in revolutionizing search and advancing conversational AI platforms.

Microsoft 365 Copilot: Empowering Developers with Plugins

Generative AI models are transforming human-machine interactions.

With the introduction of plugins, Microsoft 365 Copilot becomes a versatile platform for developers.

These plugins enhance AI capabilities, enabling real-time information access, integration of enterprise data, and new types of calculations. Developers can seamlessly integrate their applications and tap into AI’s potential, enriching user experiences and unlocking new data analysis possibilities.

The extensibility of plugins bridges systems, allowing seamless data flow and making MS 365 Copilot a central hub for intelligent insights. This collaborative ecosystem empowers developers to contribute, innovate, and create tailored solutions for businesses and users, driving AI growth.

Windows 11 and Edge + Copilot

Copilot is expanding its reach to Windows 11 and Edge, bringing intelligent assistant capabilities.

In Windows 11, Copilot integrates into the taskbar, providing a sidebar where users can request text summarization, rewriting, and explanations, along with automatic settings adjustments.

For Edge, Microsoft 365 Copilot joins the browser’s sidebar, allowing seamless content transfer from various sources to projects in apps like Outlook or Word.

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is the ultimate unified analytics platform. It brings together all the data and analytical tools businesses need, integrating technologies like Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI into a single product. With Microsoft Fabric, organizations can unlock their data’s potential and lay the foundation for the AI era.

By consolidating data and analytics capabilities, it enables seamless data collection, processing, and analysis. It eliminates complexities, empowers data-led decision-making, and breaks down data silos. With advanced analytics and AI, businesses can uncover patterns, make predictions, and drive innovation.

Azure AI Studio

Microsoft introduces Azure AI Studio, a suite of AI tools for Azure.

It simplifies data integration, enables seamless incorporation of external sources, and offers Semantic Kernel for meaningful representation of textual data.

Some key features:

  • Simplified integration: Easily integrate external data sources into Azure OpenAI and Azure Machine Learning.
  • Semantic Kernel: Analyze natural language texts to capture meaning and structure.

Examples of applications:

  • Sentiment analysis: Determine customer sentiment from reviews, social media, or surveys.
  • Chatbot development: Build intelligent chatbots for natural language interaction.
  • Document summarization: Automatically generate concise summaries for improved productivity.
  • Language translation: Enable seamless communication across different languages.
  • Speech recognition: Convert spoken language into written text for voice-controlled applications.

Azure Cognitive Search

Azure Cognitive Search integrates vector search, enabling keyword storage, indexing, and retrieval across different data types.

This empowers organizations to create applications with personalized natural language responses, product recommendations, fraud detection, and more.

Azure Cognitive Service for Language introduces new capabilities, including customizable summarization and conversational language recognition. Easily customize linguistic skills using Language and Linguistic Models (LLM) to generate value rapidly.

With Azure Cognitive Search and Cognitive Service for Language, organizations can:

  • Store, index, and search diverse data types.
  • Develop applications with tailored natural language responses.
  • Provide personalized recommendations and detect fraud.
  • Customize linguistic capabilities interactively.

Azure AI Content Safety

Azure AI Content Safety is a service designed to create safer online environments and communities. Integrated across Microsoft products, it includes new tools in Azure Machine Learning, such as a responsible AI dashboard for text and image analysis.

This enables businesses to identify errors, equity issues, and explanations before deploying AI models.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive integration across Microsoft products.
  • Responsible AI dashboard for text and image analysis.


  • Safer online environments.
  • Address biases and errors pre-deployment.
  • Enhance transparency and accountability.

Azure Dev Box

Microsoft introduced Azure Dev Box, an Azure service that provides access to preconfigured and centrally managed development environments tailored to each project.

Now, new functionalities have been unveiled to enhance the development experience and boost productivity:

  • Configuration-as-Code customization: Developers can personalize their environments by defining configurations using code.
  • New starter images for developers: Ready-to-use images that can be further customized to meet specific requirements.
  • Custom environment management through a dedicated portal for each developer: Azure Deployment Environments.

Key features of Azure Dev Box:

  • Ready-to-code development environments.
  • Configuration-as-Code customization options.
  • Dedicated portal for managing customized environments.


  • Streamlined development setup: Access pre-configured environments that reduce setup time.
  • Flexible customization: Tailor the environment to project-specific requirements.
  • Simplified management: Use a dedicated portal for centralized environment management.

Prompt Flow

Azure Machine Learning introduces Prompt Flow, an integrated feature that offers an optimized experience for requesting, evaluating, and fine-tuning large language models.

With Prompt Flow, users can swiftly create alert workflows that connect to multiple language models and data sources, enabling efficient evaluation of their quality.

Key features of Prompt Flow:

  • Seamless integration within Azure Machine Learning.
  • Streamlined workflow for requesting, evaluating, and fine-tuning language models.


  • Efficient evaluation of large language models.
  • Rapid creation of alert workflows.
  • Connectivity to multiple language models and data sources.

Copilot in Power BI

Copilot in Power BI combines LLM power with organizational data for quick information discovery and sharing.

Users can effortlessly create customized reports, edit DAX calculations, and generate narrative summaries in conversational language. Power BI Direct Lake offers a new storage mode, unlocking massive data without replication.

Its features:

  • Enhanced report customization and DAX calculations.
  • Conversational data exploration.
  • Power BI Direct Lake for unlocking massive data.
  • Accelerated insights and data exploration.
  • Simplified report generation in conversational language.
  • Unlocking massive data without replication.

Microsoft Azure Container Storage

Introducing Microsoft Azure Container Storage, a natively built service designed for single-volume management in container environments.

This service is now receiving exciting enhancements aimed at optimizing performance, boosting reliability, and enhancing workload experience.

Key features of the latest updates include:

  • Volume Snapshot: Seamlessly captures the state of persistent volumes at any given moment, enabling efficient data preservation and recovery.
  • Increased Scalability Target for Persistent Volumes: Empowering users to quickly scale storage capacity, allowing for the effortless expansion of storage resources to meet evolving workload demands.

Azure Cosmos DB updates

Azure Cosmos DB has emerged as the leading cloud database for AI-driven workloads and application development.

Exciting updates have now been introduced to optimize costs, performance, and developer productivity. Here are some key enhancements:

  • Bursting Capability: Leverage dormant performance capacity from your database or container to handle traffic spikes efficiently.
  • Hierarchical Partition Keys: Enable more efficient strategies and improved performance, eliminating performance trade-offs.
  • Materialized Views for NoSQL: Create and maintain secondary views of your data in containers, serving queries that would otherwise be resource intensive.
  • These updates in Azure Cosmos DB empower businesses with enhanced cost optimization, improved performance, and increased developer productivity.

Azure Deployment Environment

Azure Deployment Environments, now generally available, provides on-demand self-service deployment of required environments using infrastructure-as-code templates. As an added enhancement, a dedicated portal has been introduced, offering a user-friendly interface for creating and managing your environments. The portal also lets you view, manage, and activate Microsoft Dev Box development environments.

Microsoft Azure Container Storage

A natively built single-volume management service for containers is introducing new features to enhance performance, reliability, and workload experience:

  • Volume snapshots enable capturing the state of persistent volumes at a specific moment.
  • Increased scalability target for persistent volumes facilitates effortless scaling of storage footprint.

Azure Kubernetes Service update

Confidential Containers in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) empower teams to run unmodified standard containers aligned with the Kata Confidential Containers open-source project, enabling zero-trust operator deployments.

These containers seamlessly integrate with typical services used by AKS applications for monitoring, logging, and more, within a trusted execution environment. With Confidential Containers, you can achieve enhanced security and privacy for your containerized workloads in AKS, without sacrificing compatibility or functionality.

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps

This tool natively integrates automated security checks into your Azure DevOps environment, safeguarding your code and supply chain seamlessly within your workflow.

Some key features include:

  • Code scanning: Identifies vulnerabilities in source code and provides guidance for remediation.
  • Secret scanning: Prevents the inclusion of sensitive information in code repositories.
  • Dependency scanning: Uncovers vulnerabilities in open-source dependencies and automates update alerts.

Empowering Developers: Enabling Innovation and Growth

The advancements showcased at Microsoft Build 2023 unlock numerous benefits for developers, empowering them to push the boundaries of innovation and drive growth. Here are some examples:

Enhanced productivity

AI integration and streamlined development tools automate tasks, provide intelligent suggestions, and reduce manual effort, enabling faster development cycles.

Exceptional user experiences

AI-powered services empower developers to create applications with advanced features like NLP, computer vision, and speech recognition, delivering personalized and engaging user experiences.

Streamlined development process

Updates and launches introduced at Microsoft Build 2023 streamline development, enabling efficient application building with AI-powered code suggestions and low-code development platforms.

Data-driven decision-making

Azure Synapse Link for Power BI provides powerful analytics capabilities, enabling real-time insights for informed decision-making and driving innovation through data analysis.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Updates to GitHub enhance team collaboration, code review processes, and version control, facilitating efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing among developers.


Microsoft Build 2023 empowered developers with AI integration, transformative tools, and exciting updates.

The event showcased the potential of AI in development, streamlining processes, and enabling data-driven decisions.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing were emphasized, fostering a thriving developer community. Microsoft Build 2023 sets the stage for innovative solutions and exceptional experiences driven by empowered developers. Contact us today to learn more about these technologies and how to implement them in your organization. Our professionals at Inclusion Cloud will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide a tailored solution that drives growth and streamlines processes.

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