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A lot has been said about The Great Reconsideration (a.k.a. Great Resignation) in the past few months. To put it in representative numbers, 4.5M US citizens quit their jobs last November, making a striking impact on several industries. This phenomenon was rapidly related to the pandemic, as the two most notoriously affected areas were healthcare and technology, according to this Harvard Business Review report.  

The most alleged reasons 

While the process in the healthcare industry has an easy explanation for stress and burnout due to the global situation over the past two years, the causes of The Great Reconsideration in the IT job market need a bit more analysis.  

Weren’t developers those whose work environment less changed? Weren’t they already working remotely? 

Even though IT work may be the easiest to transition to fully remote, the lockdowns sharply accelerated software development needs. As a result, people working in IT roles experienced a great amount of pressure and an increase in their task volume.  

Among the main reasons to quit according to MIT Sloan, there were many of them that had priority over payment, such as: 

  • Toxic culture, i.e. failure to promote equity and inclusion; workers feeling disrespected; and unethical behavior 
  • Job insecurity and reorganization 
  • Failure to recognize performance 
  • Poor response to Covid-19 

And most common expectations were:  

  • Career development opportunities 
  • Remote work facilities 
  • Predictable schedules 

How does great reconsideration affect the IT job market 

If you work in the tech industry, you already know that there has been a noticeable talent shortage for years. According to Salesforce’s Mulesoft survey, 93% of respondents find it more difficult to retain skilled developers since the COVID-19 pandemic, and 86% are also finding it more difficult to recruit.  

In the current outlook, bidding for developers isn’t only about offering more money -which is already difficult-, but also about focusing on their well-being and making projects appealing to them. This leads to a more complex hiring process, that doesn’t solve the problem of attrition either.  

The great reconsideration affects IT workers and teams - Insights on the big quit - Developer - Inclusion Cloud
The great reconsideration affects IT workers and teams – Insights on the big quit – Developer – Inclusion Cloud

How does resignation affect software development teams 

The effects of one (or more) talents quitting in the middle of a project are almost unavoidably critical. Because of the little technical documentation and the time pressure put on software development teams, the moment a member is leaving can cause harmful delays in the implementation of the final product.  

This, leaving aside the effects on the rest of the colleagues that must deal with the pressure and augmentation of tasks. To put it shortly, the costs are too big to leave to chance.  

Luckily, IT leaders are finding the best strategies to overcome this situation with success.  

Outsourcing: how do we help overcome IT talent shortage during The Great Reconsideration 

There were several objections from the IT leaders to outsourcing some time ago. Now they’ve had the need, trying outsourcing with a tech company like Inclusion has let them find out that it isn’t just about reducing costs (which it does), but also about reaching an integral solution to higher quality hiring and lower attrition.  


When outsourcing, we directly point to most of the causes and harmful effects of The Great Reconsideration we mentioned before.  

Hiring speed 

Our Staff augmentation team is specially prepared to supply pre-vetted, top 1% talent in a matter of a few days. As we work with a team of +15 experienced recruiters and we have access to one of the largest software engineering talent pools available in Latin America —near 1 million technology experts, we are ready to rapidly build talented technology teams tailored specifically to each client’s unique needs. 

Workflow continuity 

A great perk of outsourcing is at the core of our service: Continuity. When you hire us, you are not only finding a contractor and arranging with him/her (as you would do with an HR company).  

On the contrary, you are hiring a tech company, prepared to provide tech solutions. That is to say, if the first talent quits or isn’t fulfilling its role properly, we have the commitment and the capability to find another suitable profile in the very short term. You won’t be dealing with the problem alone anymore. 

Developers’ well-being 

Another important element of outsourcing is that we attack most devs’ pain points, turning your job offer into a desirable goal they will pursue and treasure. Besides, being a team of specialists allow us to understand both their needs and yours, and react in a professional, trustable way. 

Career development 

For developers from other regions, working for US companies is a unique opportunity to start working in major leagues. The big brands and the best-budget, most interesting projects are there, even in a moment of economic turbulence. Therefore, being offered a job in the US is a cause of great motivation and something to cherish.  

It’s an opportunity for making a leap in their careers, gaining experience, and showing their skills. This process implies a great deal of excitement and expectations, which is a great reason for them being thankful to have a structure that supports them during the whole process.  

A technological staff augmentation company like Inclusion acts as a trustable bridge between engineers eager to start working with US companies, and the perfect projects for them. 


Due to different values with foreign currencies, US rates are a great benefit for many regions’ workers in comparison to any local offer. 

Remote work and time zones 

Certain regions, such as Latin America, are very well suited for remote work in the US. As they have a similar time zone (just one or two hours from Argentina, for example), meetings and deliveries are totally easy to schedule for both parties.  

This distinctive feature directly affects developers’ well-being by improving life-work balance. Being able to fix meetings and deliver work at reasonable times, plus being able to react in real-time without resigning their free time and sleeping hours is a win-win situation both for companies and devs.  

Get past The Great Reconsideration with us 

Need to grow your team with the top 1% of IT talent? Let us know if you need any help. Our experts will be happy to help you plan your way through The Great Reconsideration! 

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