Why It's Challenging to Find Top ServiceNow Talent and How to Overcome It
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The hunt for top tech talent is hotter than ever. According to CompTIA, new job postings for tech roles hit 209,000 in May, up nearly 27,000 from April, marking the highest total since June 2023. These sought-after roles range from support staff to AI specialists.  

So, what’s going on? 

As we’ve seen before, the booming demand for tech positions is making it increasingly tough to find top talent and specialists for certain roles. With 85% of Fortune 500 companies using ServiceNow, the challenge of finding experts who can implement, configure, and optimize this powerful platform is clear. 

Let’s look into the reasons behind this talent shortage and how Inclusion Cloud’s creative recruitment techniques can help you secure the top 1% of talent to support your digital transformation journey. 

Why Is the Battle for ServiceNow Talent So Intense? 

The AI Boom 

AI is revolutionizing businesses at lightning speed, automating tasks, providing insights, and driving innovation. But here’s the catch – AI needs skilled professionals to develop, implement, and maintain these systems. This rapid growth in AI has led to a huge demand for tech talent, and there just aren’t enough skilled workers to meet it. 

The ServiceNow Boom 

ServiceNow has become essential for digital transformation across industries. Its ability to streamline workflows, enhance IT service management, and improve employee experiences makes it indispensable. With over 8,000 clients and about 85% of Fortune 500 companies using ServiceNow, the demand for skilled professionals on the platform is always growing. 

Constant Evolution of the Platform 

ServiceNow is always evolving. Every update brings new features and capabilities, so professionals need to continuously learn and adapt. Staying up-to-date with the latest skills and certifications is crucial, but it also makes finding and retaining talent more challenging. Certified ServiceNow professionals are 38% more productive and 30% more influential in their roles, making them incredibly valuable and highly sought after. 

How Inclusion Cloud Is Winning the Talent War 

So, how do we at Inclusion Cloud manage to stay ahead in this fierce battle for talent? Here’s our strategy: 

1. Next-Gen Recruiting 

We use AI to enhance our talent search processes. Advanced AI tools help us sift through vast numbers of candidates to find the perfect match quickly and efficiently. Our recruiters, with the help of these AI tools, don’t just identify technical skills; they uncover the cultural and attitudinal nuances that make a candidate a great fit for our clients. 

2. Global Reach, Local Impact 

We don’t just fish in the usual ponds. Our approach to talent acquisition involves exploring non-traditional sources and tapping into diverse talent pools. This ensures we find unique candidates who bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. Many companies are recognizing the value of hiring individuals with unconventional backgrounds and skill sets

3. +1 Million Candidates 

Our talent database is massive, with over one million profiles. This extensive resource lets us match candidates to opportunities quickly, ensuring our clients get the right talent exactly when they need it. With many of these profiles holding ServiceNow certifications, our talent pool is highly qualified and ready to meet the demands of modern businesses. 

4. Keep Learning, Keep Leading 

We believe in the power of continuous learning. Our team members are constantly upgrading their skills through certifications and training programs. This commitment keeps our professionals at the forefront of the latest ServiceNow developments and AI advancements

The Importance of ServiceNow Certification and Where to Find Certified Talent 

Why Is ServiceNow Certification Important? 

ServiceNow certification is crucial because it validates the skills and expertise of professionals in using ServiceNow tools and platforms. Certified talents are better equipped to implement and manage ServiceNow solutions effectively, leading to improved business outcomes. This certification also ensures that professionals stay updated with the latest features and best practices, maintaining a high standard of service delivery. 

Where Can You Find Certified ServiceNow Talent? 

Inclusion Cloud can help you find certified ServiceNow talent from a global pool. With AI and our expert recruiting team, we can quickly identify and secure the right professionals. We also encourage our consultants to keep learning and getting ServiceNow certifications, helping them make significant career leaps. This dual focus on recruitment and professional development ensures our clients benefit from top-tier expertise and cutting-edge solutions. 

The battle for ServiceNow talent is hotter than ever, but with the right strategies, you can stay ahead.  

Remember, positioning yourself as a leading and barrier-breaking company requires more than just powerful tools. You also need the right talent on board. At Inclusion Cloud, we specialize in IT outsourcing services like staff augmentation, dedicated teams, and software development projects. If you’re looking for top ServiceNow talent, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take your digital transformation journey to the next level together. Stay tuned for more insights and strategies, and follow us on LinkedIn! 

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