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Hello again, Redditors and fellow explorers of the outsourcing realm! Welcome back to our weekly series, ‘Outsourcing Exposed: Reddit Asks, We Answer!’ This week, let’s tackle some more hot questions from Reddit about outsourced software quality, with insights from our experts at Inclusion Cloud.

Question 1 – Why Is the Quality of Outsourced Software So Dreadful?

A common concern, indeed! But let’s avoid generalizations. Not all offshore developments are destined for poor quality, and not all outsourced software is of low quality. The key is due diligence – research your vendor’s certifications and track record. 

The choice of region plays a crucial role in determining the quality of outcomes. And here’s where Latin America shines as a nearshore gem – offering a blend of cultural fit, time zone convenience, English proficiency, and top-notch tech education


Question 2 – How to Find the Right Partner?

It’s like matchmaking in the business world! Look into the vendor’s past projects, industries they’ve worked with, their success stories, and their experience with outsourced software. This groundwork will help you gauge if they align with your business goals. 

Question 3 – Why Is It So Difficult to Outsource Software Engineering Jobs? Do You Think It Could Ever Happen on a Large Scale?

It’s important to clarify that outsourcing software engineers can be complex due to the challenge of finding highly specialized talents, which is crucial for the success of certain development projects. However, it’s not impossible because there are outsourcing partners that can help expedite the process and assist in recruiting the skills your project may lack. 

The concept of hyperspecialization is crucial here. With the ongoing tech talent shortage, finding highly skilled professionals in cutting-edge tech is like finding a needle in a haystack. Outsourcing offers a beacon of hope to navigate this talent maze. 

It’s worth mentioning that scaling doesn’t always mean outsourcing everything. In many cases in the US, companies choose to maintain in-house project management while enhancing the expertise of their engineering team with the help of an outsourcing partner, preferably in the form of nearshoring, focused on outsourced software. Another option is to have a dedicated team with an outsourced project manager. Both approaches can be effective in achieving project goals.

That’s it for today’s chapter! Thanks for joining us on this trip through Reddit’s lens on outsourcing. Next week, we’ll continue to unravel myths and opportunities in the world of tech outsourcing. 

Stay tuned, and remember to follow us at InclusionCloud for more insights! 

Outsourced Software

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