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February 8, 2024
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Top 5 Salesforce Outsourcing Roles for Business
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With the introduction of generative AI into the Salesforce ecosystem, businesses from all industries worldwide are quickly realizing that taking full advantage of AI innovations to increase revenue and customer satisfaction is not just a “nice to have” but an absolute must. These advancements are not just enhancing the capabilities of CRM platforms but are also reshaping the demand for skilled Salesforce specialists.  

Amidst this tech revolution, a significant talent gap has emerged, compelling companies to reconsider their staffing strategies. Outsourcing, particularly through a nearshoring approach, has surfaced as a viable solution to bridge this gap. This article delves into the dynamics of Salesforce specialist outsourcing trends, highlighting the benefits of nearshoring and identifying the most frequently outsourced roles within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

The Urgency for Salesforce Specialists: 

The advent of AI has highlighted the importance of having readily available Salesforce professionals who can maximize the potential of these AI-centered technologies. However, such talent scarcity is pushing companies to look beyond borders, opting for outsourcing to fill the void. Outsourcing, and more specifically nearshoring not only offers access to a rich talent pool but also ensures that businesses can adapt to technological advancements without the constraints of local hiring challenges while keeping the benefits of US service management

Top 5 Outsourced Salesforce Roles: 

1# Salesforce Developers: 

Salesforce Developers lead the charge in customizing and developing applications within the Salesforce platform. They go beyond simple point-and-click configurations, using languages like Apex and JavaScript to automate key processes and optimize business operations. From coding tasks to addressing architectural concerns, they ensure that their work aligns seamlessly with the broader objectives of the organization

Outsourcing this role, especially to partners in Latin America, offers a cost-effective solution while ensuring developers are in similar time zones, facilitating smoother project management and collaboration. It’s crucial to take these factors into account when choosing the ideal outsourcing partner for Salesforce talent

2# Salesforce Administrators: 

Administrators play a critical role in managing and configuring the Salesforce environment to optimize business processes. They are instrumental in tailoring Salesforce solutions to meet specific needs, such as empowering sales teams to utilize Sales Cloud effectively, resulting in shortened sales cycles, detailed lead tracking, and increased customer satisfaction.  

Given the administrative and routine nature of their responsibilities, outsourcing this role can significantly reduce operational costs. Plus, Latin American partners bring the advantage of cultural alignment with the US. Some outsourcing partners even offer 100% US onsite service management, which also ensures that working methodologies and best practices are followed from the discovery stage until project delivery. 

Top 5 Outsourcing Salesforce Roles

3# Salesforce Consultants: 

Salesforce Consultants are in charge of guiding businesses through the intricate Salesforce ecosystem, adeptly implementing and optimizing Salesforce products to meet their clients’ specific needs. Think of them as sculptors, molding Salesforce implementations so they are a perfect fit for what a project needs. 

Outsourcing these consultants, particularly to nearshore locations, fosters real-time collaboration and strategic guidance, empowering companies to make agile, informed decisions. Even if real-time collaboration wasn’t possible due to time zone differences, there’s the often-overlooked advantage of extending a US company’s service time. This is especially true when hiring talent from countries like Argentina where a 3-hour difference could translate into 3 extra hours of service coverage.  

4# Salesforce Architects: 

Salesforce Solution Architects oversee the overall solution, including data preparation and cleansing for integration with other systems. Their responsibilities include data modeling, migration, sharing, configuration, automation, user experience, and team leadership. As the demand for skilled professionals capable of addressing the broader context of multi-cloud Salesforce projects increases, the role of Solution Architects has become increasingly vital.  

Outsourcing this role, particularly to Latin America, offers access to top-tier talent who can work closely with the company’s IT team. This is because Latin America boasts a vibrant and diverse talent pool that spearheads technological advancement in the region. According to the 2023 HackerRank Developer Skills Report, Latin America has emerged as the leading destination for highly skilled developers, surpassing other regions

5# Salesforce Data Analysts: 

In the era of big data, Salesforce Data Analysts are indispensable for extracting actionable insights from customer data within the Salesforce platform to provide support in key decision-making processes. With the integration of Generative AI technologies, Salesforce Data Analysts can leverage machine learning algorithms to automate data analysis tasks and provide more accurate predictions, further enhancing the value of insights derived from data. 
In Latin America, there is a significant emphasis on fostering innovation in the tech sector, complementing the advancements of Generative AI. The region’s commitment to innovation is evident through its investment in education and technical training, providing young developers with opportunities to excel. This focus on innovation enhances the capabilities of professionals in utilizing Salesforce analytics tools effectively


In response to the growing demand for Salesforce specialists driven by AI technological advancements like Einstein GPT, companies are increasingly turning to outsourcing solutions, particularly through nearshoring. Latin America, with its rich talent pool and cultural compatibility, offers a strategic advantage in accessing high-quality services that align with US standards.  

Embracing outsourcing as a core component of talent acquisition strategies is essential in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. By partnering with Latin American specialists, businesses can leverage cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or efficiency. For those seeking to stay ahead in the tech and AI space, following InclusionCloud on LinkedIn provides invaluable insights into industry trends and strategies, empowering companies to thrive in the digital age. 

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