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What if NASCAR’s workflows were as fast as their cars? See how ServiceNow makes it happen! 

For fans to enjoy the thrill and excitement of NASCAR races, it takes more than just 40 cars on the track. Behind the scenes, there’s a massive effort to move employees, merchandise, trailers, cameras, and more from one track to another. To keep everything coordinated, on time, and in the right place, a powerful platform is needed to centralize all that data. That’s where ServiceNow comes in. 

Let’s explore the logistical and technological challenges NASCAR faces and how ServiceNow helped them overcome these obstacles efficiently. 

The Challenges NASCAR Faced 

1. Constant Movement 

With races held 36 weekends a year, NASCAR needed to coordinate thousands of personnel and resources across various locations. This constant movement required precise logistical planning and execution to avoid any hiccups that could disrupt the race schedule. 

2. Outdated Processes 

Legacy manual processes were slowing down efficiency and productivity. These processes often involved paper-based systems and manual data entry, leading to errors and delays that were no longer acceptable in the fast-paced world of NASCAR. 

3. Engagement 

Maintaining communication, especially with deskless employees, was essential for operational success. Many team members work trackside or are constantly on the move, making it challenging to keep everyone informed and connected. 

ServiceNow Nascar

ServiceNow Hits the Track: What Tools Are Driving NASCAR’s Success? 

When it was time for a digital overhaul, ServiceNow hit the track with the following tools: 

I. IT Service Management (ITSM) 

For efficient ticket management and automation, improving overall operational efficiency. ITSM helped NASCAR streamline their IT operations, reducing the time spent on manual tasks and freeing up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives

II. Employee Center Pro 

A unified employee portal that enhanced engagement and productivity by centralizing communications and resources. This tool ensured that all employees, regardless of their location, had access to the information and tools they needed to perform their roles effectively. 

III. App Engine 

Enabled low-code solutions, empowering employees to streamline processes and drive innovation. With App Engine, NASCAR team members could create custom applications to meet their specific needs without requiring extensive coding knowledge. 

The Results: How Is NASCAR Setting a New Standard for Efficiency and Productivity? 

Let’s take a look at the results of the transformation ServiceNow has begun in one of the most popular automotive categories in America

Enhanced efficiency 

By streamlining workflows, NASCAR reduced manual efforts and boosted productivity. Employees could now focus on high-value tasks rather than being bogged down by repetitive manual processes. 

Faster incident response 

With automated incident management, NASCAR resolved issues faster, ensuring smoother race days. This automation allowed the IT team to quickly address and resolve any technical issues that arose, minimizing downtime and ensuring that races proceeded without interruption. 

Better collaboration 

ServiceNow’s communication tools improved teamwork. Teams could now collaborate more effectively, whether they were trackside or at headquarters. This improved collaboration led to better decision-making and more efficient operations. 

What ServiceNow Can Do for Your Organization 

ServiceNow’s transformative impact on NASCAR is a testament to its capabilities in enhancing operational efficiency, speeding up incident resolution, and fostering better collaboration.  

If your organization is struggling with outdated processes, disjointed communication, or inefficient workflows, ServiceNow can provide the solutions you need to overcome these challenges

As a proud ServiceNow partner, Inclusion Cloud can help your business achieve a successful implementation and configuration of the platform, ensuring you get the most out of your IT operations.  


NASCAR’s digital journey with ServiceNow showcases the power of technology to transform even the most complex operations. By embracing digital transformation, NASCAR has set a new standard for efficiency and productivity.  

This transformation not only enhances the experience for fans but also improves employee satisfaction, ensuring that every aspect of the organization operates smoothly. Together, these advancements promise a brighter future for the entire category, making it a huge success

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