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The pandemic upended the traditional office model, forcing businesses worldwide to rapidly adapt to remote work. As social distancing and lockdowns became the norm, companies discovered that employees could remain productive outside the confines of a physical office space. However, a complete shift to remote work wasn’t an ideal long-term solution for everyone.

Employees began to crave the social interaction and collaborative environments that come with in-person interaction. Out of this need arose the hybrid workplace model, blending remote work with in-office presence. This approach offers flexibility for employees to choose their preferred work setup while potentially delivering cost savings for businesses through optimized real estate footprints.

However, managing a hybrid workplace effectively can be a complex endeavor. Businesses must find ways to ensure that remote employees feel connected, have access to necessary resources, and can seamlessly collaborate with their on-site counterparts. Striking the right balance between remote and in-office work is crucial for maximizing productivity and fostering a positive corporate culture.

ServiceNow: Powering the Hybrid Workplace

ServiceNow, a leading cloud-based platform, offers a comprehensive solution to help businesses navigate the complexities of the hybrid workplace. With a suite of features designed to streamline workflows, improve communication, and create a more positive work experience, ServiceNow empowers organizations to optimize their hybrid work environments.

What is a Hybrid Workplace? 

A hybrid workplace model integrates remote work with in-office work, offering employees the flexibility to choose where and when they work best. This flexibility can be structured in various ways, with some employees splitting their time between the office and home on a predetermined schedule, while others might have more autonomy to decide which days they come into the office.

Benefits for Businesses

The hybrid model offers several advantages for businesses. Reduced overhead costs is a major perk. With fewer employees in the office every day, businesses can potentially downsize their office space or implement hot desking strategies, leading to significant cost savings. Additionally, the ability to tap into a wider talent pool geographically is another benefit. Companies are no longer limited to hiring candidates who live near their physical office.

Benefits for Employees

Employees also reap significant benefits from the hybrid model. Improved work-life balance is a major advantage. The flexibility to work remotely allows employees to manage personal commitments more effectively, reducing stress and potentially boosting overall well-being. Additionally, reduced commuting times can translate to a significant improvement in employee satisfaction. The hybrid model can also empower employees to take ownership of their work schedules and create a work environment that fosters productivity.

Features of ServiceNow’s Hybrid Workplace Solution

ServiceNow’s Hybrid Workplace Solution offers a suite of features designed to streamline workflows and optimize the hybrid work experience for both employees and facilities teams. Here’s a closer look at some key functionalities:

Workplace Reservation Management

Nowadays, employees can use ServiceNow’s mobile app or web portal to easily reserve desks, conference rooms, and other workplace resources in advance. This ensures they have the space they need to be productive when they come into the office, eliminating wasted time searching for an available workspace. Additionally, ServiceNow integrates with calendar applications, allowing employees to seamlessly book workspace alongside scheduling meetings—a big win for convenience and organization.

Workplace Space Management

Managing a hybrid workplace environment effectively requires having a clear understanding of how office space is being utilized. Facilities teams can leverage ServiceNow’s space management tools to track space utilization data. This data can be incredibly valuable for identifying underused areas and optimizing real estate costs. For example, facilities teams might use this data to determine if it’s feasible to reduce the overall office footprint or implement hot desking strategies where employees reserve a workspace for the day they need to be in the office.

Workplace Service Delivery

A hybrid work environment can sometimes lead to siloed experiences for employees, with those working remotely feeling disconnected from essential services. ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery streamlines the process of requesting and fulfilling workplace services. This could include anything from catering for a meeting to requesting IT support for a malfunctioning piece of equipment.

Employees can submit requests through a user-friendly mobile app or web portal, and facilities teams can track and manage these requests efficiently within a single platform. This not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures a more seamless and positive work experience for employees, regardless of their location.

Benefits of Using ServiceNow for a Hybrid Workplace

By implementing ServiceNow’s Hybrid Workplace solution, organizations can unlock a multitude of benefits for both employees and the business itself. Let’s explore some key advantages:

Improved Employee Experience

In a hybrid work environment, employees juggle working between the office and remote locations. ServiceNow simplifies tasks by providing a centralized platform for everything from reserving workspaces to requesting services. This eliminates the need for employees to navigate through multiple disparate systems, saving time and reducing frustration. Additionally, ServiceNow integrates with popular communication tools, fostering seamless collaboration between in-office and remote employees. This fosters a more connected and inclusive work environment for everyone.

Increased Efficiency

Managing a hybrid workforce can add complexity to workflows. ServiceNow streamlines these workflows by automating repetitive tasks like workspace reservations and service fulfillment. This frees up valuable time for both employees and facilities teams to focus on more strategic work. ServiceNow’s reporting functionality also provides organizations with valuable insights into workplace utilization trends. These insights can be used to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about workplace management.

Cost Optimization

Real estate costs are a significant expense for many businesses. ServiceNow’s space utilization data can be a game-changer for optimizing these costs. By understanding how office space is being used, businesses can make informed decisions about their real estate needs. This could include downsizing their office footprint, implementing hot desking strategies, or negotiating more favorable lease terms with landlords. In today’s increasingly cost-conscious environment, ServiceNow’s data-driven approach to workplace management can deliver significant financial benefits for businesses.

How to Get the Most Out of ServiceNow’s Hybrid Workplace

Getting started with ServiceNow’s Hybrid Workplace solution is a relatively straightforward process. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the steps involved:

Consultation and Configuration

The first step involves working with ServiceNow to understand your specific needs and configure the platform accordingly. This might include defining workspace types, setting up service catalogs, and integrating with existing systems.

Employee Onboarding and Training

Widespread employee adoption is crucial for the success of any new platform. ServiceNow offers training resources to help employees get comfortable using the features relevant to them, such as reserving desks or requesting services.

Deployment and Launch

Once the platform is configured and employees are trained, it’s time to launch! ServiceNow provides support during the deployment phase to ensure a smooth transition.

Effective Hybrid Workplace Management

Getting the most out of ServiceNow goes beyond simply implementing the platform. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Encourage Employee Adoption

Employee buy-in is essential for the success of a hybrid workplace model. Organizations can encourage adoption by demonstrating the value proposition of ServiceNow to employees. Highlight how the platform simplifies tasks and creates a more seamless work experience. Additionally, user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive training resources are key to driving employee engagement.

Set Clear Guidelines for Space Reservation

A hybrid workforce means shared resources. Establishing clear guidelines for workspace reservations is essential to avoid confusion and conflict. This could include specifying reservation windows, cancellation policies, and etiquette around hot desking arrangements.

Gather Feedback and Continuously Improve

The needs of a hybrid workplace can evolve. Organizations should regularly gather feedback from both employees and facilities teams to identify areas for improvement within ServiceNow. ServiceNow’s scalability allows organizations to adapt the platform to meet their changing needs and ensure it continues to deliver value in the long run.


The hybrid workplace model is here to stay. As businesses navigate this evolving work environment, adopting a future-proof solution like ServiceNow’s Hybrid Workplace can be a significant advantage. ServiceNow offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline workflows, improve communication, and create a more positive work experience for a distributed workforce.

By optimizing space utilization, simplifying service requests, and fostering collaboration, ServiceNow empowers businesses to thrive in the hybrid work era.

Ready to see how ServiceNow can transform your hybrid workplace? Contact us to discuss your specific needs and get started on your journey to a more efficient and employee-centric work environment.

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