5 Surprising Ways Salesforce Is Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry
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Forget the chocolate behind the pillow. The key to delighting your guests in your hotel is Salesforce for Travel & Hospitality. 

When people are on vacation, the last thing they want is to repeatedly tell hotel employees their booking details, amenities and food preferences, and all kinds of special requests. People just want to chill, relax, feel like the staff knows them, and let the hotel do the work for them

And it makes sense, they’re on holiday. They may have booked the visit months in advance, so it’s only fair that they want to feel like everything is set and ready

With hundreds of data sources that a hotel can generate from different aspects of the stay, such as booking history, room preferences, amenities reservations, previous communications by email, social media, and other platforms, feedback surveys, and many other data sources, you can perfectly understand the profile of your guests and give them exactly what they expect

Luckily, this work is much easier thanks to platforms like Einstein 1 that integrate data, CRM, and AI to build a digital customer journey and take action based on facts. 

Let’s explore the five surprising ways Salesforce is transforming the hospitality industry. 

Why a CRM Is a Must for Hospitality 

The hospitality industry thrives on delivering exceptional guest experiences, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Salesforce are at the heart of this mission.  

A CRM allows you to gather, analyze, and use data to provide personalized services, anticipate needs, and build lasting relationships.  

In a market where guests expect more tailored and seamless experiences, a robust CRM is not just beneficial but essential.  

Salesforce’s CRM solutions offer a centralized platform to manage all guest interactions, streamline operations, and ensure that every guest feels valued and understood. 

1. The Guest-Centric Era: AI Tailors Every Stay 

Imagine being able to anticipate your guests’ needs before they even check-in. 

Once you have all the data centralized with the CRM, it is time to take action. And this is where the platform Einstein 1, with all its powerful features, comes into play. 

Einstein allows you to create deeply personalized guest journeys using its powerful GenAI and data analytics tools. According to Salesforce, 66% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations

By analyzing past behaviors, preferences, and feedback, you can tailor marketing messages, offer personalized promotions, and ensure every interaction feels unique.  

2. Connect with Guests on Their Terms 

As we said before, in hospitality, many communication channels can coexist. Guests can email you, send a message on social media, or use a booking platform. 

The key lies in not missing anything in the journey, so you can stay updated with every single detail. The guests will really thank you. 

Salesforce enables you to integrate various communication channels into a single platform. This ensures that your guests receive consistent and timely information, no matter how they choose to contact you. 

A unified communication strategy can significantly enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty, as Salesforce research shows that 88% of customers believe the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services

3. No More Room for Error: Streamline Logistics 

Managing resources efficiently can be a logistical nightmare in the hospitality industry. But with Salesforce’s cloud-based solutions, you can wave goodbye to those headaches.  

Imagine AI-driven insights optimizing housekeeping schedules based on guest check-in and check-out patterns, ensuring rooms are always cleaned and ready just in time.  

Picture inventory management that predicts usage patterns and automates reordering for toiletries, linens, and minibar supplies, so you never run out.  

And think about AI helping you predict peak times, adjusting staff schedules to make sure you always have the right number of employees on hand.  

Efficient resource management not only cuts costs but also boosts the overall guest experience by making sure everything runs like clockwork. 

4. Loyalty that Lasts: Craft Programs Guests Can’t Resist 

One of the goals in this industry is to make your customers want to return for their next holidays. 

To achieve that, loyalty programs are a key aspect. 

Salesforce allows you to create and manage sophisticated loyalty programs that go beyond simple point accumulation. For example, you can offer personalized rewards, track guest engagement, and gain insights into what drives loyalty. 

Basically, you have one shot: personalized loyalty programs can increase repeat bookings and brand advocacy, as 82% of consumers give brands the cold shoulder after a negative experience. So, you better not miss it! 

5. Prevent Problems Before They Disrupt 

One of the less obvious but highly impactful uses of Salesforce in hospitality is predictive maintenance.  

By integrating IoT (Internet of Things) devices with Salesforce, you can monitor equipment and infrastructure health in real-time.  

For example, smart sensors in HVAC systems can detect when a unit is operating inefficiently and alert maintenance before it fails. Similarly, IoT-enabled water heaters can send alerts about potential leaks or failures, allowing you to address the issue before it disrupts guest comfort. 

Imagine how powerful it is to have a platform that alerts you to potential issues before they become major problems, reducing downtime and repair costs. This proactive approach ensures that your facilities are always in top condition, contributing to a great guest experience and longer asset life


Salesforce is not just a tool for managing customer relationships; it’s a comprehensive solution that can revolutionize the hospitality industry in ways that may surprise more than a few people

Everything is predictable, and everything is under control. Your guests will feel appreciated and comfortable. They can sleep peacefully, knowing everything is taken care of

Start exploring the potential of Salesforce for your hospitality business with InclusionCloud and see how these innovative solutions can transform your operations

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