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May 29, 2024
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ServiceNow and NHL transforming workflows
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Imagine all the things that must be right before every NHL game.  

Every puck, helmet, and stick must be in top condition. Blue line cameras need to be precisely set up, and coaches’ iPads must be loaded with real-time data. Hundreds of game-day staff need to be scheduled, and security protocols must be strictly followed to ensure everyone’s safety. The fan experience must be seamless, from ticket purchase to the final buzzer. It’s a massive undertaking, requiring flawless coordination and real-time updates across teams and venues. 

Now, picture a platform that makes all of this possible, efficiently and seamlessly. This is where ServiceNow comes into play.  

With their powerful digital workflow solutions, ServiceNow has partnered with the NHL to transform the way the league operates, ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. According to Forrester Research, ServiceNow can save organizations over 10,000 hours annually through automation. This partnership not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly elevates the fan experience, making every game day perfect

The Challenge 

Managing the NHL’s complex operations is no small feat. With 32 clubs, up to 16 games per day, and over 1,300 games per season, the league faces logistical challenges that demand sophisticated digital solutions. Imagine keeping track of pucks, setting up blue line cameras, configuring iPads for coaches, and making critical information accessible on mobile dashboards—all while ensuring seamless coordination and real-time updates across teams and venues. 

What Does ServiceNow Bring to the Game? 

ServiceNow’s digital workflow solutions are a game-changer, enhancing efficiency and scalability. By digitizing and interconnecting all aspects of game-day operations, ServiceNow helps the NHL meet and exceed the high expectations of its global fan base and stakeholders. 

ServiceNow NHL workflows

1. Transforming Game Day Operations 

At the heart of this transformation is ServiceNow’s Field Service Management (FSM). The Game Operations app, tailored for the NHL, revolutionizes game-day operations by enabling seamless coordination of activities—from equipment setup to security checks. This meticulous management ensures every operational component functions flawlessly, allowing staff to focus on creating an unforgettable atmosphere for fans and players alike. 

What You’ll Notice: The Game Operations app tracks and manages the schedules of hundreds of game-day staff, ensuring every role is filled and every task completed on time. This boosts operational efficiency and enhances the experience for fans and players. 

2. Boosting Employee Productivity 

Behind the scenes, ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) plays a crucial role in enhancing employee productivity. By automating mundane IT tasks, ITSM allows IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives, streamlining internal processes and reducing friction. 

What You’ll Notice: Automation of ticket handling for IT issues—from creation to resolution—drastically reduces response times and minimizes downtime, ensuring smooth internal operations. 

3. Fan Experience Front and Center 

The fan experience is paramount, and ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) ensures it remains top-notch. CSM simplifies fan inquiries and issue management, providing quick and effective resolutions to keep fans satisfied and engaged. 

What You’ll Notice: If a fan encounters a problem while purchasing tickets online, CSM quickly directs the issue to an agent equipped with all the necessary information to resolve it swiftly, often before the fan even realizes there was an issue.

4. Tracking Gear and Gameplay with FSM 

ServiceNow also excels in tracking equipment and pucks. Through FSM, every piece of equipment is logged, tracked, and managed, ensuring each item meets performance and safety standards. 

What You’ll Notice: Real-time data on puck conditions and equipment quality enable the NHL to make immediate adjustments or replacements as needed, maintaining the integrity of the game and ensuring player safety. 

The Winning Edge 

With ServiceNow, the NHL is not just meeting but exceeding expectations in operational efficiency and fan engagement. The league sets a precedent for how sports organizations can harness the power of digital workflows to enhance every aspect of their operations. 

How We Can Help 

At Inclusion Cloud, we specialize in implementing ServiceNow solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition and maximizes the benefits of ServiceNow’s powerful tools. 

Follow us on LinkedIn for more insights and updates, and book a call with us today to discover how we can help your organization transform its workflows and achieve new levels of efficiency and engagement. 

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