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When you’re working with a complex product or service offering —having multiple products, special configurations, non-standardized products or services, or dealing with a volatile raw material price environment— pricing your products and providing accurate, profitable quotes becomes a major hurdle.  

What’s Salesforce CPQ for?

Salesforce has developed a set of special tools to address this, helping companies overcome these hurdles and take control of their sales processes, ultimately improving outcomes. But it’s not so simple if your team —or extended team— doesn’t have the necessary skill set to make it a reality. And if you add increasing labor and hiring costs to the mix, you’ll find yourself in a pretty tough position. 

Salesforce CPQ —that is, Configure, Price, Quote software— is a tool that allows organizations to provide accurate pricing for any given product configuration scenario. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

Our experience at Inclusion Cloud

At Inclusion, we’ve helped many companies by providing them with the most qualified CPQ developers in the market. For instance, we are a strategic partner of an enterprise data management company with USD 120 billion of commerce running through its market-driven platforms for retailers, brands, pharmacies, and hospitals.  

This leading data platform company has implemented CPQ with the Advanced Approvals package and integrated it with Iron Cloud Data Management, to streamline its sales process from Leads to Purchasing Orders. We are currently helping them deliver expanded product enhancements, refine their existing sales processes, and optimize the Salesforce CPQ UI to allow users to efficiently update and manage large quantities of quote line items. Our ability to be responsive to the company’s needs accelerated CPQ adoption within diverse teams. 

Ready for implementing Salesforce CPQ?

If you’ve made the decision to implement CPQ, you now need to make sure you arm your sales team with the right skills. Making CPQ work for you —and by extension extracting the most value out of that investment— requires knowledge and experience in CPQ Architecture, Development, and Administration.  

When correctly implemented, the combination of Salesforce and CPQ will propel your company to higher levels by: 

  • Increasing team speed 
  • Speeding up the sales process  
  • Increasing profitability 
  • Reducing wasted time and inefficiencies 
  • Generating more and better cross-selling and up-selling opportunities 

Waste no time and hit the ground running by hiring the right CPQ Engineers & CPQ Apex Developers to accelerate your adoption process and get the highest possible ROI.

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