August 25, 2022
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Essential Skills for Software Development in 2022 / Most in-demand developers for 2023
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The second half of 2022 has started with strange news for the technology industry. On the one hand, big tech companies like Google and Netflix are freezing their hiring processes and laying off, which could signal a general cool-down in the area. However, labor markets are as tight as they can be, with unemployment rates matching a half-century low hit just before Covid-19 in the US.  

Necessary tech skills

In this context, the IT job market is taking a particular shape: demand is growing only for experienced, senior developers. As the developer and writer Gergely Orosz explains, getting a job as an entry-level developer is getting harder and harder.   

For this reason, we’re providing some tips on the most demanded skills in 2022, so you can upskill your career 


Some of the most wanted features when hiring developers concern knowledge and experience with new technologies and tools. Let’s see the hottest so far this year. 


Low-code is used as a name for platforms that are able to build functional apps without complex coding. They usually consist of toolkits oriented to solving the graphic part with drag and drop systems.  

This methodology allows great time reductions and task simplification. Besides, Gartner forecasts a 22.6% growth for this market in 2023, conferring a prosperous future to these technologies.  


If GIT was last year’s fundamental tool for developers, now Docker is taking its place. As you can see in this Stack Overflow 2022 Survey, 69% of professional developers responding chose Docker as the most wanted tool for the next year. 

Docker is an open-source platform that will allow you to build, deploy, run, update and manage containers, i.e. a standardized software component that wraps up code and all of its dependencies to ensure that an application will run swiftly and consistently in different computing environments.  


Another useful tool to have into account when upskilling as a developer is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or editor. According to Stack Overflow, Visual Studio Code is by far the most popular among professional developers.  

Although it may sound strange, editors have a huge impact on efficiency and are an important part of your daily routine. Therefore, it may be important to find the best suited for you and discover all its potential.   

Cloud computing 

Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the process toward cloud-supported platforms. Remote access to data, apps and services is more often asked than ever before. Therefore, skills related to this technology are strongly demanded these days:  

  • Platform expertise 
  • Specialized programming languages 
  • APIs 
  • Database Management 
  • Network Management 
  • Cloud Security 

Essential Tech skills for software development in 2022
Essential Tech skills for software development in 2022


Any software developer or engineer needs to be familiar with databases. All of the data that will be used during the programming process will be stored, altered, and retrieved there. Not only is it crucial to know how to manage and maintain a database structured, but also it’s critical to learn how to put one up. Due to the fact that this is a dual talent, a developer must first become familiar with SQL. 

Even after more than three decades, SQL remains the standard for creating, maintaining, and programming database systems. A software developer must master its fundamental ideas and, if not all of them, at least be familiar with its most often operations. 

Agile methodologies  

Besides technical skills, most development teams are totally immersed in agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, or XP. Understanding and adopting these working habits may take some time, but it will allow you to plunge into processes swiftly.  

This way, you’ll be reducing the onboarding time gap, and simplifying the organizational needs to dedicate strictly to development.   

Soft Skills 

Soft skills may be the most undervalued aspect when technical professionals think of preparing themselves. The truth is, that decision-makers in the hiring process see them as a tipping point.  


Because social skills, and mainly empathy, have a direct impact on daily activities and working atmosphere. Yes, these aspects also affect efficiency, but the most important of all is that everyone appreciates a good working environment that fosters communication and teamwork.  

Without a positive attitude towards work, even great developers are losing opportunities. Think positive, contribute to your team and have empathy with your colleagues. You’ll notice how greatly valued it is! 

Ready for work? 

If you aren’t able to manage these tools and skills yet, it’s time for upskilling, learning, and certifying. The most important thing is to stay updated, and never finish training. You’ll find many more articles in our blog with useful insights on software engineering and the developers’ job market.  

On the other hand, if you have already mastered the above-mentioned skills, you are ready for the top IT job market. In which case, don’t hesitate to contact us and get to know our open positions. 

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