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We are proud to announce that Inclusion Cloud has been recognized by IAOP in the 2024 Global Outsourcing 100 list for our leadership in the categories Customer References, Award & Certifications, and Programs for Innovation. 

About IAOP 

IAOP annually conducts an independent assessment of outsourcing service providers. Based on this assessment, IAOP publishes The Global Outsourcing 100.  

Companies recognized by IAOP in this global ranking are considered leaders in the outsourcing industry, demonstrating excellence and innovation in service delivery and operational practices.  

Inclusion Cloud Leading the Way in Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, and Excellence 

IAOP has recognized us as leaders in Customer References, Awards & Certifications, and Programs for Innovation, thanks to our client’s positive feedback, our trajectory, and our expertise across different verticals. This acknowledgment reflects the high quality and trustworthiness of our services, as well as our numerous industry awards and certifications, and innovative projects. 

Below, we explore why IAOP highlighted us in these areas and how our commitment to excellence sets us apart in the outsourcing industry: 

Customer References

Our clients’ testimonials highlight the quality and reliability of our services. This recognition underscores our dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations consistently. 

Awards & Certifications

Our numerous awards, partnerships, and industry certifications demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in service delivery and operational excellence. 

Programs for Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our programs are designed to foster creativity and develop cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of our clients. 

Shining in Specialized Service Areas 

In addition to those leadership areas, we have been distinguished for our expertise in several key outsourcing service areas and the application of cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of our clients: 

  • Engineering: Our engineering solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. By tailoring our services to specific client challenges, we drive success through innovative and practical engineering strategies. 

  • RPA & AI: We are at the forefront of implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence to transform business operations. Our sophisticated automation solutions enhance productivity and streamline processes, providing significant value to our clients. 

  • Software Development: Our software development services focus on creating robust, scalable applications tailored to our clients’ precise needs. From initial design to final deployment, we ensure our solutions are high-quality and drive business success. 

Case Studies that Showcase Our Leadership in IT Outsourcing 

Here, we will review the projects that exemplify our contributions in these specialized service areas and technologies, which IAOP considered when recognizing us. These projects highlight our commitment to delivering high-impact solutions that address complex challenges and drive real-world value across diverse sectors.

I. Improving energy inspections with drones and AI 


Enhance the inspection of extensive electric transmission lines for a national electric company to improve employee safety, efficiency, and ensure an uninterrupted energy supply for approximately 44 million people


We developed an AI-integrated drone application to achieve a more efficient inspection. This innovative solution led to a significant reduction in work-related incidents, increased productivity, and made the inspection process much safer. Our advanced AI and image recognition technologies enable quick identification of potential issues, ensuring prompt maintenance and continuous energy supply.  

II. Modernizing agriculture with drone technology 


Improve agricultural processes, including soil analysis, planting density, irrigation, and fertilization for a leader in the frozen food industry. 


We implemented drone and AI technology for agricultural monitoring, leading to more precise controls, automatic yield prediction, and reduced irrigation costs. This project provided real-time data and insights, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring sustainable farming practices

III. Streamlining fuel management systems 


Develop and test products for fuel tank monitoring, loyalty programs, and convenience store solutions for a company looking to stay competitive in the retail fueling industry. 


We built an instantaneous reporting system for fuel tank supply monitoring, achieving faster software releases and time to market. Our enhancements in data storage capacity and updates to app and web platforms significantly improved the end-user experience, ensuring operational efficiency and environmental safety. 

Inclusion Cloud Is Among the IT Outsourcing Global Leaders 

We are incredibly proud to be recognized among the elite companies in IT outsourcing. Our innovative approach to projects and the positive feedback from our satisfied customers have earned us numerous awards and certifications. Our partnerships with leading tech companies like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, AWS, SAP, and GCP further endorse our work and capabilities. This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver high-impact solutions for Fortune 500 companies.  

At Inclusion Cloud, we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, driving real-world value and success for our clients

For more information about our services and how we can help your business, visit our Services Page

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