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Last week, an outstanding achievement took place for Inclusion Cloud: We received the team that traveled to Hyderabad, the Silicon Valley of India, in our offices. They traveled to meet their colleagues from India that were working on an innovative blockchain project with them.  

We were all very excited to have them back, and we had the opportunity to chat about the meaning of this whole experience.  

For Inclusion as an organization, it was a great source of pride to be able to make this journey possible for one of our professionals. Just three months after the beginning of the project, this team of blockchain specialists was invited to meet the rest of the team in Hyderabad, with whom they had been working 100% remotely, on-site. 

Do you want to know more?   

The Value of Traveling 

Opening opportunities for our collaborators has always been part of Inclusion Cloud’s mission. We really put a big effort into supporting our talents and strongly boosting their careers. Therefore, it’s always big news when they are invited to this kind of event.  

Our team was already happy of being able to work on a big international blockchain project that would link an eight-companies consortium. It was an interesting development challenge in innovation. However, the possibility of visiting the rest of the team and having a whole week of quality time -both for work and team-building- meant a real quality and commitment leap for them.  

Landing in Hyderabad, India 

The main goal of our team was to spend one week training in blockchain technologies and sharing with the rest of the talents in a workshop. When they arrived, they met a highly-skilled group of collaborators, ready to start putting their ideas in common and do the basic research needed to draw a roadmap for the following months.  

Blockchain Developers - Inclusion Cloud in India
Blockchain Developers – Inclusion Cloud in India

The experience of traveling brings to light many cultural aspects that vary from country to country: food, communication codes, and even working roles. One of the most important aspects of the stay was building trust and encouraging every member of the team to feel part of the project and, most of all, share their contributions with the rest of them. In the end, of course, they turned out to be essential for the development of the plan.  

First Steps in Blockchain Platform Building 

Besides the human aspects, sharing with each other and earning trust, being together was a key moment for defining some grounds for the roadmap. 

As we mentioned earlier, this case was a very attractive blockchain project for the developers of the team. The idea was, basically put, to build a platform where the eight companies of a big commerce Indian consortium could plant their different digital projects.  

Then, one of the first steps was deciding which technology was the correct one for the project. Mainly, whether making the important investment blockchain requires was worth it.  

So, what was the criterium?  

As a general guideline, there are 5 basic points to confirm if creating a blockchain platform is worth it:  

  1. Is there more than one company taking part?  
  1. Is there a minimum (healthy) distrust level among the participants?  
  1. Is data immutability a required factor for the system? 
  1. Is distributed, trustable backup important?  
  1. Is enhanced security a key benefit for the consortium?  

After making this evaluation, the company decided that blockchain was needed for this kind of development and started building a team of experts for that purpose. The first goal then was to build a platform where different systems and tools would be located. After this decision was made, it was time for research and training.  

In the earliest sprints, the team was dedicated to developing and trying an MVP for a retail chain. This MVP consisted of an NFT app, prepared to supply the managers with an available benefit for their workers according to performance. Possessing this NFT would allow them to receive different monthly products and benefits. 


At this moment, after meeting each other and with a new perspective on the project ahead, they are already making the last research required on frameworks and tools to start developing and building the actual platform.  

We wish them luck, and we will keep supporting them wherever they are! Keep up!  

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