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Every year, Dreamforce brings key announcements for the Salesforce ecosystem and the software industry. As we’ve seen from the co-CEO’s main keynote every year, the ‘22 edition came with many revelations around topics such as: 

  • Genie: The Salesforce new program for customer experience 
  • Slack integrations and upgrades 
  • Key partnership with Whatsapp  
  • External Encryption Ecosystem with Hyperforce 
  • Future developments 

Dreamforce is still going on 

If you’ve ever been to Dreamforce, you already know how intense this event is: there are tons of keynotes, activities, and announcements, all at once.  

Besides, everyone is excited to meet new people and interact, so there’s hardly any time to keep track of everything that’s going on.  

For these reasons, we’re making this recap so you can be sure you haven’t missed any important news that were announced.  

Keep reading to know all the new Salesforce features!  

Genie: The new program for customer experience 

Genie was the star of the main keynote, and it’s thought to be one of the biggest innovations in the company’s history. Its goal is to collect massive scales of data from diverse sources and combine them in real-time with Salesforce. 

This way, Genie allows you to have a single, general interface in which to track the whole identity and history of your contacts within every tool your company is using. Can you imagine?  

With Genie’s help, each contact’s customization can grow to unprecedented levels. As co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor named it, this tool works as a unique “Source of Truth”, with which different teams can work knowing that data is unified and updated in real-time. 

Slack new features: Canvases & Huddles Coworking 

Salesforce.com bought Slack last year, and the platform went through radical innovation and upgrades since then. Particularly this year.  

The company is focusing on innovation under 3 particular guidelines:  

  • Improving what was hard about the office 
  • Bringing the best of the office to remote/hybrid work 
  • Creating unique value in the digital workplace 

With this orientation, 2 new tools are being added to the platform:  

Slack Canvas 

Every Slack channel has now a digital canvas. In this space, people can pin important information and present it in user-friendly formats collaboratively. It also allows users to work with outside sources such as Jira, Figma, and other common platforms.  

Huddles Coworking 

With the aim of replicating in-person work collaboration, this tool allows you to jump into brief audio calls directly from Slack channels. This way, quick needs can be solved within a team using the same resources that were available in the channel without scheduling a special meeting.  

Partnering with Whatsapp 

An unexpected announcement came from the outside and was re-confirmed on DF’s second day. Mark Zuckerberg posted on Meta saying that Whatsapp was partnering with Salesforce in order to provide the best integration between both platforms.  

This is undoubtedly great news for businesses in general, and global industries in particular. Whatsapp has been spreading internationally during the last decade, and its growth has ramped up in the US this year since Cloud API’s launch.  

External Encryption Ecosystem with Hyperforce 

Another interesting new feature for global industries is the External Encryption Ecosystem. Hyperforce is an infrastructure architecture dedicated to unifying the foundations of the various clouds. It allows Salesforce to reliably work with public cloud partners including AWS, Azure, and Google. 

The new External Encryption Ecosystem works as a cryptographic solution designed to let users have full control over their data. This way, Salesforce will be able to function in more challenging regions where data residency requirements are stricter.  

Extra: Coming next! 

Salesforce is very clear about its orientation in investments and development, and the aspects on which they want to put the spotlight. For next year, the top priorities will be:  

  • Enabling customers to self-serve through personalized experiences 
  • Empowering agents with powerful automation and AI 
  • Connecting service across experts and systems with Slack and integrations 
Dreamforce 2022 announcements: Slack - Inclusion Cloud
Dreamforce 2022 announcements: Slack – Inclusion Cloud

For these reasons, next year will surely come full of powerful new apps to multiply Slack’s functionalities and heavy innovation on knowledge platforms such as Einstein.  

Take your leverage on Salesforce to the next level 

Salesforce’s vitality and focus on innovation place its ecosystem as a key tool for businesses. If you are looking to fully leverage the platform with the help of Salesforce-certified professionals/teams at affordable rates, don’t hesitate to contact us!  

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