Dreamforce 2023 Recap
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Each year, Salesforce’s iconic Dreamforce event sets the bar higher, not just for the platform itself but for the entire realm of tech innovation. Again, this year, the Inclusion Cloud team found themselves right at the heart of Dreamforce 2023. With a thematic focus on AI, data, and CRM integration, the event showcased the converging pathways of these transformative technologies, underscoring their pivotal role in shaping the future. The Salesforce community, including ourselves, was abuzz, eagerly awaiting the amalgamation of insights, experiences, and groundbreaking announcements. 

DAY 0: Pre-event Surprises and the Dawn of Einstein’s New Era 

On Monday, Salesforce unveiled a prelude to the wonders awaiting Dreamforce 2023. Without further ado, they introduced us to their latest suite of innovations: the Einstein 1 Platform, Einstein Copilot, and Einstein Copilot Studio

Einstein 1 Platform: Harnessing the Power of Big Data 


In the sprawling landscape of big data, deriving meaningful insights often becomes a daunting challenge. Einstein 1 steps in as the solution. 


Beyond its capability to process colossal data volumes swiftly, Einstein 1’s real genius lies in its ability to harmonize data from diverse sources. This paves the way for AI-driven applications to present an integrated and comprehensive customer view. 

Einstein Copilot: The Future of AI Assistance 


Envision an AI assistant that’s intuitive, anticipatory, and always one step ahead. That’s the essence of Einstein Copilot. 


Integrating as a conversational AI assistant across Salesforce’s ecosystem, it is proficient in addressing natural language queries and can adeptly auto-generate summaries of customer engagements, aiming to boost productivity

Einstein 1 Copilot Dreamforce 2023

Einstein Copilot Studio: A New Dimension in Conversational AI 


Businesses thrive on customization. Acknowledging this, Salesforce brought forth the Einstein Copilot Studio. 


It serves as a moldable version of Einstein Copilot, allowing businesses to adapt it to their nuanced needs. Powered by Einstein GPT, the Studio accentuates productivity by offering tailored natural language prompts, facilitating a truly bespoke conversational AI experience. 

Dreamforce 2023

Day 1 

Main Keynote – Marc Benioff: The Trust Revolution 

Marc Benioff, the charismatic leader at the helm of Salesforce, took to the stage, laying out a vision for the future, with ‘trust’ at its core. Amidst the ever-expanding ocean of data, he posed an essential question: How do we navigate these waters responsibly and ethically? 

Keynote Highlights 

Emphasis on core values:

Salesforce’s approach to AI and technology as a whole is anchored by five cardinal values: Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality, and Sustainability. 

Generative AI’s potential:

A whopping 84% of leaders attest to generative AI’s prowess in enhancing customer experiences. Coupled with projections that generative AI could liberate 30% of employee time by 2030 and potentially bolster global GDP by a staggering $4.4 trillion annually, the horizon looks promising. However, the path is fraught with challenges – fragmented data systems being a significant hurdle. 

Einstein 1 Platform’s Promise:

Salesforce envisions the Einstein1 Platform as the torchbearer for AI adoption. Touted as integrated, intelligent, and automated, it encapsulates the dream of a world where data is not just an asset but a potent tool for empowerment. This vision is further accentuated by Parker Harris, who elaborated on the Einstein Trust Layer, emphasizing tools like Tableau Pulse that keep business insights sharp and actionable. 

Einstein Platform

Trust is Paramount 

The core message resonating from Benioff’s keynote was unmistakable: In the realm of AI, trust is the most critical concern. Enterprises cannot and should not move forward in the shadow of fragmented data systems or looming security apprehensions. 

Einstein1 Platform’s offerings, marked by integration, intelligence, and automation, emerge as a beacon in this landscape. The versatility of its metadata framework catalyzes seamless data sharing and reading, unlocking new vistas for app-building. The trust revolution, thus, isn’t just a slogan but a committed endeavor by Salesforce

Navigating the AI Frontier with Marc Benioff & Sam Altman 

Arguably one of the most awaited sessions of Dreamforce 2023, the dialogue between Salesforce’s Marc Benioff and OpenAI’s Sam Altman promised to be an enlightening foray into the future of artificial intelligence. 

Balancing act: Potential vs. risks 

Sam Altman opened the discussion emphasizing the dichotomy inherent in AI. Its vast potential, from transforming industries to augmenting human capacities, exists alongside risks that cannot be ignored. The narrative isn’t just about progress but also the ethical and societal implications entwined with AI’s evolution. 

AI’s multifaceted impact: Creativity & AI 

Altman highlighted the burgeoning role of AI in the realm of creativity. As AI tools become more sophisticated, they are no longer just computational aids but partners in creation, pushing the boundaries in fields like visual art, music, and design. 

Education revolution 

Historically, the education sector has been perceived as somewhat slow to embrace rapid shifts. However, we’re currently witnessing its tipping point, thanks to artificial intelligence. The integration of personalized learning pathways, adaptive content, and AI-driven insights is setting the stage for an education system that’s both inclusive and tailored to individual needs. OpenAI’s dedication to this transformative journey highlights the imperative of adopting AI tools early on, ensuring that educational institutions remain at the forefront of innovation and progress. 

Healthcare’s bright future 

The promise of AI in healthcare is immense. From data-driven diagnostics to precision medicine, AI could be the catalyst that reshapes healthcare delivery. Sam’s optimism resonated with the audience, envisioning a future where AI aids in curing diseases and offers unparalleled patient care

Sam Altman Dreamforce 2023

Trust and transparency: A consistent theme 

Reiterating the core theme introduced by Marc Benioff earlier, the duo emphasized trust’s primacy in the AI discourse. The Einstein 1 Platform and the Trust Revolution exemplify Salesforce’s commitment to ensuring AI isn’t just about capability but also about ethical and conscientious use. 

Sam’s perspective, which views AI as a tool amplifying human abilities rather than replacing them, left the audience with a powerful takeaway. AI’s potential isn’t merely in its technological prowess but in how it’s harnessed for the greater good. 

The AI Revolution: Who’s in Charge?

One sentiment stood out: “Your data remains your data.” With the ascent of technology, Dreamforce 2023 honed in on the criticality of data sovereignty. The day was punctuated by discussions that didn’t just highlight the implications of AI and data but fiercely advocated for data rights and ownership in this new tech era.

The spotlight was on AI’s undeniable influence. Spearheaded by industry leaders like Clement Delangue of Hugging Face and Aidan Gomez of Cohere, the dialogue revolved around AI’s future, its transformative potential, and most crucially, who gets to architect this imminent AI-dominated landscape.

Key Takeaways:

1. Cloud agnostic approach:

Being cloud-universal goes beyond mere flexibility. It’s a promise that your data stays firmly within your grasp, irrespective of your operational landscape.

2. Digital defense lines:

Business boundaries have evolved. They’ve transitioned from merely physical to largely digital, and it’s imperative that data infrastructures honor these cyber barriers.

3. Own your AI blueprint:

It’s not just about data. The AI models, intricately crafted from your data, encapsulate your unique business insights. These blueprints are proprietary and deserve ironclad protection.

4. Holistic security

Closing the loop on security means an unwavering commitment throughout the data lifecycle—starting from its inception and extending all the way to model execution.

In wrapping up Day 2, the message was loud and clear: As we plunge further into this technological epoch, asserting and preserving data ownership isn’t merely advisable; it’s an inalienable right.

Dig Deep into Data Privacy with the Einstein Trust Layer 

In a pivotal Dreamforce session, Salesforce representatives Kamaria Wilson and Gene Becker shed light on the intricacies of data privacy, drawing attention to the pivotal role of generative AI through the Einstein Trust Layer. Addressing the growing AI trust gap, where hesitations about AI emerge due to potential inaccuracies, bias, data security risks, and integration hiccups, Salesforce’s solution has been the introduction of the Einstein Trust Layer. This solution is not just a theoretical approach but a methodical, step-by-step platform engineered for deploying AI that is both trustworthy and secure. 

Here’s a breakdown of how the Einstein Trust Layer functions: 

1. Secure data retrieval:

Before any processing begins, the platform ensures that data is fetched securely, preventing any unauthorized access. 

2. Dynamic grounding:

This phase ensures that the AI’s responses or actions are always based on real-time, accurate, and relevant data

3. Data masking:

Any sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) is masked, preserving user anonymity and data privacy

4. Toxicity detection:

To prevent harmful outputs or actions, the system identifies and neutralizes potentially toxic data or AI responses

5. Auditing:

Regular checks and audits are conducted to ensure the system’s compliance with ethical and operational standards. 

6. Zero data retention:

After processing, no user data is stored, ensuring long-term privacy and security. 

7. Prompt templates and system prompts:

By using structured templates, the AI’s responses are guided, reducing the risk of unwanted outputs. 

8. Data hydration:

Ensures that the AI models have enough data to function but without compromising on data security

9. Feedback and audit trail:

Allows for continuous improvement by analyzing feedback and maintaining an audit trail for transparency. 

10. Rigorous evaluation for ethical use:

An ongoing process that evaluates the ethical implications of the AI outputs, ensuring that they don’t harm or mislead users. 

Furthermore, the session highlighted that Salesforce’s generative AI platform, grounded in Hyperforce, guarantees comprehensive security, scalability at an enterprise level, and unwavering regulatory compliance. With mechanisms in place for secure liaisons with third-party model collaborators, such as OpenAI, Salesforce underscores trust as an inherent cornerstone. All these efforts combined underscore Salesforce’s dedication to ensuring that generative AI is introduced with utmost confidence, underpinned by technology that enhances structure, security, and the ethical dimensions of AI

Day 2 

Beyond the Hype: How AI Can Truly Enhance Our Lives 

Dreamforce’s second day continued its momentum, diving into one of the most pivotal technologies of our era: Artificial Intelligence. Nestled amidst a cascade of discussions and discoveries, Dr. Fei-Fei Li’s session stood out like a beacon, titled “Beyond the Hype: How AI Can Truly Enhance Our Lives.” 

Empowerment, not replacement:  

The recurring theme of the session was clear – AI is designed to elevate human capabilities, not overshadow them. Dr. Li poignantly stressed that the rise of AI doesn’t spell the end of human input but rather augments it. Think of AI as the wind beneath our wings, amplifying our strengths and complementing our limitations

A new chapter in education:  

Just as the introduction of calculators into classrooms signaled a major shift in how students approached mathematics, AI is now poised to redefine educational paradigms. Imagine an era where AI tools offer tailored learning experiences, adapting to each student’s pace and style. Dr. Li’s call for weaving AI into our educational fabric isn’t merely to ride the wave of technological innovation; it’s a proactive step to prevent a widening educational divide in the future

The need for oversight:  

But with this immense power of AI comes responsibility. The session didn’t shy away from the ethical implications. AI, for all its potential, needs a guiding hand. Meticulous oversight is crucial to ensure AI benefits us without leading to unintended consequences. 

Productivity reimagined:  

Incorporating AI into businesses isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a transformative shift. The stats are in: AI can boost productivity by up to 35% for those new to it and boost overall averages by 15%. That’s not just an incremental change; that’s a paradigm shift

Personalizing decision-making:  

Enter platforms like You.com, offering dynamic profiling. They evolve, adapt, and refine recommendations the more they ‘learn’ about us, ensuring that decision-making in businesses remains top-notch and always a step ahead

Distinguishing jobs from tasks:  

A crucial takeaway was the delineation between jobs and tasks. While AI can automate tasks, the broader, more complex jobs remain inherently human. It’s about collaboration, not competition. 

Privacy in an AI era:  

In our data-driven age, Dr. Li also highlighted a crucial point: the user’s right to control what AI knows. AI should be a tool, not an overreaching entity. It should serve, respect, and protect its user’s privacy

Data + AI + CRM + Trust: The Perfect Equation for Innovation 

In a transformative Dreamforce session led by the Data Cloud and Einstein teams, the horizon of what’s possible for data-driven companies was meticulously mapped out. The teams illustrated this by spotlighting businesses that, by harnessing the raw power of data, metamorphosed into industry pacesetters. One of the salient challenges they delved into was the intricacy of integrating data from a plethora of sources. However, with the advent of the Data Cloud, these seeming roadblocks could be circumvented, providing an efficient mechanism to ingest, harmonize, and activate a unified customer data cache across the Salesforce platform. 

The session was further enriched by the insights of Satya Ramaswamy, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Air India, and Kapil Sharma, Senior Manager of MarTech at BMO Financial Group. Both shared firsthand experiences of how their organizations are spearheading innovative endeavors, wielding the twin tools of Data and AI

Key Takeaways: 

Data Cloud’s potency:  

Positioned as a hyperscale data engine embedded within Salesforce, the Data Cloud is the cornerstone that equips companies with the capability to evolve into data-driven entities. It offers unfettered access to unified customer data, seamlessly integrating into the workflow. 

Unified data vision:  

The Data Cloud’s true prowess lies in its ability to seamlessly connect, federate, and harmonize data regardless of its origin. This ensures a single, consistent source of truth for every customer, obliterating the silos that traditionally hamper data-driven initiatives. 

Salesforce Einstein and Data Cloud synergy:  

The fusion of Salesforce Einstein with the Data Cloud transcends conventional boundaries. Businesses are endowed with the capability to not only utilize AI and data for transformative purposes but also to sculpt personalized customer journeys and drive operational efficiency. 

Sustainability Keynote by Rainn Wilson, Dr. Jane Goodall, and Dave Matthews:  

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the keynote served as a reminder of our collective responsibilities. The dialogue was not just a nod to the past but a clarion call for future action. It underscored the interdependence of all beings and the intrinsic value of our planet. Wilson stressed that it’s not just about businesses adopting eco-friendly practices, but about a holistic mindset shift. For true sustainability, there needs to be an integration of eco-consciousness into every aspect of our lives, from the choices we make as consumers to the policies and strategies adopted by global corporations

Rainn Wilson - Dreamforce 2023

Trust in Leadership – A Dialogue Between McConaughey and Benioff:  

Trust remains the bedrock of effective leadership. This sentiment was resonantly captured in the heartfelt exchange between McConaughey and Benioff. Both delved deep into the nuances of trust, emphasizing its multifaceted nature. It’s not just about transparency or reliability; it encompasses understanding, empathy, and the ability to connect authentically. The discussion highlighted that in an era of digital impersonality, genuine trust is fostered in the human moments – in listening, in understanding, and in aligning actions with words. For leaders, the key takeaway was clear: trust isn’t just a value, it’s a practice, one that demands consistent effort and authenticity. 

McConaughey and Benioff - Dreamforce 2023

Day 3 

Empower Everyone with Generative AI and Automation in Slack: 

Kelsey Collins, representing the Slack product marketing team, unveiled innovations that harness the capabilities of automation and AI within Slack. Amid the backdrop of economic uncertainties, she accentuated the pivotal role of IT leaders in navigating growth and emphasized the surging demand for pervasive automation across job functions. The session brought forth Slack’s transformative platform, built on the edifice of three pillars: 

  • Construction of modular reusable functions for cross-business utilization, driving process adoption and liberating IT resources. 
  • Unifying diverse tools into a consolidated platform. 
  • Channeling investments into low-code tools tailored for end-users

Further, the spotlight was on AI’s infusion within Slack, providing users with the prowess to engineer AI-driven workflows sans coding. The session’s highlight was a live demonstration of the Workflow Builder in action, a testament to the ease of automating daily Slack tasks. A representative from Cebu Pacific Air echoed the efficiency narrative, attributing Slack automation to immense annual productivity savings

5 Elements of Successful Digital Transformations: 

Salesforce specialists Kristin Raza and Annemarie Puma unpacked the quintessential components that underpin successful digital transformations

  1. Trusted relationships as the foundation. 
  1. Alignment underscored by stakeholder inclusivity, diversity of perspectives, and clarity in decision rights
  1. Human centricity, striking a balance between end-user expectations and tangible business returns. 
  1. Advocacy of a platform-driven mindset
  1. The relentless spirit of continuous innovation

The session culminated in an interactive Q&A, shedding light on the intricacies of managing technical overheads and fostering an environment conducive to perpetual innovation. 

Dreampitch: Startups in the Spotlight  

Entrepreneurship was in the air as startups took to the stage, pitching their groundbreaking solutions to an esteemed jury panel that included Kristen Bell and Richard Socher, CEO of You.com. This session was a testament to the power of innovation, as each startup showcased the potential transformative impact of their solutions on industries and the environment. 

Dreamforce mascots

Improving Health Outcomes with Connected Experiences: 

In a critical panel discussion steered by Simon Eccles, Chief Health Officer for Europe at Salesforce, luminaries from the public health sector converged to discuss digital transformation in healthcare. Noteworthy panelists such as Fay Flevaras (Australia), Nicola McQueen (UK), and Mary-Grace Brandt (Michigan, US) unveiled their experiences in reshaping the health industry using the Salesforce platform. Their stories converged on themes of data-driven, citizen-centric strategies. Fundamental to their successes was the ethos of regular communication, user-centricity, and leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem’s comprehensive capabilities. 

Marketing Cloud Release Highlights: 

The Salesforce team set the stage ablaze with the unveiling of the Winter 24 release for the Marketing Cloud, primed for rollout this October. This edition will herald a slew of revamped features, product name changes, and the potent integration of generative AI. Marketers are set to benefit from enhanced capabilities, including segment intelligence, Google Analytics 4 integrations, and AI-powered content generation tools. Demonstrations emphasized these tools’ prowess, aiming to simplify tasks and bring forth more personalized customer experiences

Financial Services Cloud Roadmap: 

The limelight shifted to the financial domain as Salesforce’s Financial Services product team unraveled the evolution path for the Financial Services Cloud. The revelation of the Insurance Service Console App promises a holistic view of policies, seamlessly meshing with the Marketing Cloud. Further, forthcoming enhancements in core insurance applications and the infusion of AI suggest an unprecedented era of personalized finance and refined customer service. Capping off the session, Salesforce’s recognition by Forrester as a leader in Financial Services CRM underscored their commitment and prowess in the financial arena. 

Dreamforce 2023 Curiosities

Dreamfest headliner:

Rocking the stage was none other than the Foo Fighters! Their electrifying performance left attendees in awe, adding a burst of adrenaline to the event. 

Foo Fighters at Dreamforce 2023

Deep fake spectacle:  

Bono on Tuesday, Snoop Dogg on Wednesday, and Justin Timberlake on Thursday! Salesforce’s brilliant deep fake campaign was both entertaining and enlightening, shedding light on the potential dangers of AI-generated content in our digital era. 

Dallas Rangers standout at Dreamforce: 

It was a proud moment seeing Dallas represented at one of the tech world’s premier events. The Dallas Rangers stand, where attendees could play ball, was a highlight, echoing the city’s spirit.  

Howard Street: A walk to remember: 

Taking a stroll down Howard Street is always a delightful spectacle, especially during Dreamforce. Attendees reveled in the company of Salesforce mascots and were immersed in the various attractions that Dreamforce Park had to offer.  

F1 and Salesforce:  

McLaren had an impressive F1 stand that turned heads and generated buzz. A must-visit for all Formula 1 fans! 

Inclusion Cloud at Dreamforce 2023

Dreamforce 2023: Trust, Innovation, and the Future of Tech 

As the curtains fall on yet another successful Dreamforce, the core themes of this year’s event echo profoundly: the Trust Revolution and the transformative power of AI, Data, and CRM. These aren’t just concepts; they are the pillars guiding the next era of technological evolution. Year after year, Dreamforce continues to outdo itself, proving it’s more than just a tech conference—it’s a glimpse into the future

Our team is left in awe of the groundbreaking insights and innovations presented, and we are truly grateful to Salesforce and all the brilliant speakers who shared their expertise and visions

Thank you, Salesforce. See you next year!  

P.S.: For those wishing to channel the energy and insights of Dreamforce into tangible results, we invite you to explore how our roster of vetted Salesforce talents can accelerate your journey

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