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Trusted by Fortune
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Trusted by Fortune
500 companies


Full-Cycle Software Development

We provide fast, reliable and full product development, while simultaneously ensuring rapid time–to–market. Let us help you build next–generation enterprise applications to streamline your business processes and amaze your customers.


What we do

Product Ideation

Our UX team gathers information about your product vision and business/industry-related needs to create and test navigable prototypes of the application, define project requirements and business goals.

Architecture Design

We ensure smooth data flow and make the app extensible to support both near and long-term business objectives. We also offer expert consulting to implement the most suitable technology stack.

UX Design

A set of Usability Consulting, UX Design, and UI Design services, applicable to all industries, spanning from mobile devices and web to PC and TV.


A service of professional consulting, enterprise methodology and tools for governance of apps and production process. Our consulting service is evolving into a wider PLM/PDLC service offering, covering the entire product lifecycle.

Testing & QA

Our automated, mobile and manual testing expertise, combined with our experience in agile development, enables us to deliver the best in market software solutions.

Maintenance & Support

We guarantee first-class maintenance and support service through efficient management and a great customer experience.

Software Development

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

Access the most talented Software Engineers in the industry.

Improve your project’s productivity and performance.

Enjoy working with a flexible business partner.

Reduce inherent project risks.

Boost your product’s security.

Start your project immediately.


Why Inclusion Cloud?

Dedicated Teams

Presents talent which directly oversees the whole development project. This option provides a management structure with hands-on supervision of the workflow and tasks.

Staff Augmentation

Expert Software Engineers work together with your internal team on your projects. These engineers join your existing staff, often working from your offices until project completion.

Software Development

As partners we oversee the entire development process in a Project-Based Model. From establishing the specs, to allocating workflow, setting timescales and quality testing.


Key Advantages Of Design Thinking In Software Development

Proof of Concept
Goal Clarity

What to Look for in Your Software Outsourcing Partner

Your software outsourcing services provider should:

• Work with effective software development models like Agile and Scrum.
• Have transparent workflow processes in place.
• Have a great reputation & track record.
• Include reliable security protocols.
• Have access to the Top Software Engineers in the market.
• Speak English fluently and work in the same time zone.

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