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Top 1% Talent

Why Top 1% talent?

In today's highly competitive market, success hinges on finding the right talent. As a tech-driven, talent-focused company, we provide timely access to top talent to elevate your project or business, while also minimizing costs.



How Do We Find Top 1% IT Talent?

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Talent search

Our +15 full-time IT recruitment experts begin a focused search to meet customer needs, including technological compatibility, credentials, and prior experience. Those with the necessary skills advance to the interview stage.

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HR and Screening Call

All of our recruiters have BAs in psychology and human resources, ensuring the dedication of candidates and their compatibility with the workplace culture. Our recruiters conduct a 2-step set of interviews after the initial selection to screen for communicative and social abilities. 

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Technical Interview

Our technical staff administers a thorough test to all applicants that includes a variety of growing preparation and problem-solving techniques. Talent assurance is our key asset, making this step essential for the entire process.

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Candidates’ Briefs and Proposals

We create a portfolio of potential prospects from which our clients can select based on their chosen profiles. Following the client's review and decision, we formally propose the applicant with the agreed-upon working conditions and remuneration.

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Client Review

We set a deadline for completing goals and expectations, and we are completely present throughout the entire process to help our customer and the candidates.

Why Inclusion?

Top 1% Engineers

You’ll get to work with the best-in-class engineering talent. Our collaborators get tested and selected using the highest standards.

Vetting Process

We test for personality, communication, problem-solving skills, creativity and live interactions. Oh, all that on top of proprietary technical skills tests and exams.

No one beats our selection process.

Reduce time to hire

Our always-on recruiting process ensures immediate hiring of the best, most aligned professionals in no time. Hire Engineers up to 60% faster.

Full visibility

Our dedicated team members report directly to your in-house management and match your project management process.


We know our technology and it shows. Strong partnerships with Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Amazon ensure we ke delivering world-class quality software.


With 15+ years in the market providing solutions and talent worldwide, we not only know outsourcing and staff augmentation, we’re also industry experts.