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Inclusion at Dreamforce 2022

Attending #Dreamforce once again after two years has beaten all expectations. 💡

The vibe of innovation, will for change, and entrepreneurial spirit is a massive motivation to keep working and transforming the world through technology and work. 

As the founder of the Inclusion Cloud team, I recently re-wrote the letter for our “About Us” page. The main idea I wanted to communicate was that #transformation is mandatory in our era. 

And the means are a combination of #people and #technology

That’s exactly the general feeling I’m taking as #DF22 finishes, and the #values I will keep committing to. 

Thanks to all the #Includers team for the support, and especially to Nicolas (Nick) Baca-Storni and Ariel Pigni for keeping it an endlessly fun journey. 

Let’s keep working on these goals! 

PS: I leave the complete letter in the comments in case you want to check it out!

Goodbye #Dreamforce! Thanks for everything. ☁️🚀

This was an amazing experience that went beyond expectations. We learned a lot, and most of all we felt part of a powerful movement of global #change powered by #innovation. 💡

See you next year #TrailBlazers


Last day at #Dreamforce and there is still so much to see. We keep learning and joining inspiring stories and projects. 👇

Everyone can do something to take on climate change. At #DF22 we’ve had the chance to listen to 3 initiatives to protect our planet’s #future:

#Hivedhq, a sustainable parcel delivery network at scale. 🍃
#Urchinomics, is a restorative aquaculture venture that aims to turn an environmental challenge into a commercial, ecological and social opportunity. 🌊
#Tentree, to regenerate ecosystems, for every item purchased they plant ten trees. 🌳

Which one will you choose?

Dreampitch is being an amazing lesson on #entrepreneurship with #purpose 🙌

Participants have great insights and proposals on working for a better global #future. Thanks, #DF22 for creating this amazing opportunity!  

It’s important to have these ideas evaluated by this grand jury and in front of an audience that’s compromised with #change.

Marc Benioff opened a great path as he signaled companies as one of the main platforms for change in the coming years, with which we fully agree at Inclusion Cloud. ☁️


Both the #Whatsapp integration and the announcement of #SalesforceGenie are amazing news for those of us that are dedicated to building relationships with our customers. 🤝

I celebrate that #Salesforce keeps working on building a better experience for our customers. With real-time response, the right channels, and the right messages, everything is set for rich communication.  

As we also consider in Inclusion Cloud, it’s all about the people! 


Ready for #Dreamforce ’s third and last day? ☁️🚀

So are our #includersAriel Pigni and Nicolas (Nick) Baca-Storni

Today we are attending to:

☁️ Bringing Metaverse experiences to life with #Salesforce
☁️ IT leaders discussion: Tackling common #automation challenges
☁️ Dreampitch with Magic Johnson

See you around! 


Keeping up with the announcements of #Dreamforce#Salesforce shared the deepening of its partnership with #AWS 🙌

This means that new integrations between the Salesforce Platform and Amazon SageMaker are coming, with which customers will be able to build machine learning models based on that data.

The whole process is made possible by #Genie, the data integration layer the company announced yesterday. 🐰

News keep coming non-stop!


Are you a #MarketingCloud fan?

These are breaking news for you! 👇

Through #Genie and 2 native integrations, #Salesforce has announced a partnership and integration with #WhatsApp and #Grammarly.

This feature will fully transform the customer experience and communication, as automated optimized messages will be easily reached through the most comfortable channel. 

With this technology, we’ll be able to send the best messages through our customers’ favorite channels. 

Contact Inclusion Cloud to get the best Salesforce solutions!


Come join me and feel inspired by the #DF22 vibes! ☁️⚡

And say hi to Mariano Baca-Storni and Nicolas (Nick) Baca-Storni from Inclusion Cloud!


The whole team gathered to begin the second day of #Dreamforce!

Here are some of the sessions we are attending today 👇

☁️ Leading in a flexible world
☁️ Deepen buyer relationships in web3
☁️ How to develop a next-generation marketing team
☁️ TrailBlazer awards with Leah Thomas
☁️ The future of our planet with Al Gore

And of course, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers at #Dreamfest! 🌶️


Get a sneak of the features that #Salesforce it’s preparing for several of its tools ☁️

Here are some of the key drivers for these updates:

✅ Enable Customers to Self-Serve through Personalize Experiences
✅ Empower Agents with Powerful Automations and AI
✅ Connect Service Across Experts and Systems with Slack and Integrations

New attributes coming in Winter ’23 ❄️:

☁️ Create cases in Slack
☁️ Broadcast Incident Communications
☁️ Einstein Search for Knowledge
☁️ Incident Automation Pack

We’re ready to soak up all news that this year has to offer. #DF22


Today we had a very special moment with our clients and partners at Salesforce’s board room on the 61st floor of the #Salesforce Tower. ☁️

Being where so many important decisions of one of the biggest companies in the #software industry were taken here means a lot to all the Inclusion Cloud team. 

Thanks to #DF22 for this amazing experience!

What a pleasure to attend such an amazing session with an excellent friend and professional! 👏

Luciano Straga guided us into Real-Time Marketing Cloud Tracking with SSJS and Pub/Sub API. 

It was a great experience, thanks a lot! 


Here’s the recap of our adventures on #DF22 ’s first day! 🚀

See you tomorrow for more sessions, keynotes, and announcements!


Today’s main keynote in #Dreamforce was full of news.

Check out 👇

☁️ Achievements in #sustainability
☁️ Salesforce Genie announcement
☁️ NetZero marketplace is connecting ecopreneurs in a transparent platform for financing CO2 lowering
☁️ 15 New Salesforce integrations on Slack
☁️ Slack Canvas is contributing to teams’ organization and accessing Salesforce Customer 360 management directly on Slack
☁️ Marc Benioff recognized Sima Samara into the Trail Blazer with the “golden hoodie” for her amazing personal accomplishments as a #softwareengineer overcoming her complex environment

Stay tuned for more news and updates on #DF22!


Love, creativity, and opportunity are in the air 🎤🎵

Listening to Lenny Kravitz live! Awesome beginning for #Dreamforce!

Now waiting for the Main Keynote with co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor. Looking forward to hearing their perspective on the main trends of the industry!


It’s today! #InclusionCloud in #DF22 ☁️

All set, everyone registered and ready to join the rest of the TrailBlazers! 

The best to all the team! Ariel PigniMariano Baca-StorniNicolas (Nick) Baca-Storni

They say #Dreamforce is all about networking. I agree. 

So here I am, making new friends and contacts at #DF22! Thank you Brandy the Fox for all your warmth. 


Bret Taylor is announcing #SalesforceGenie right now! 🐰☁️

This hyperscale data platform has turned #Salesforce into the first real-time CRM, powering the Salesforce Customer 360 platform.

As they claimed: “With Genie, every company can turn data into customer magic, delivering seamless, highly personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that continuously adapt to changing customer information and needs in real-time.”

Salesforce provides real-time data source of truth ⭐

Already beating expectations! 


Making the last adjustments to today’s schedule with Ariel Pigni. 📅

All set for a busy and exciting day at #DF22 with the Inclusion Cloud team! ☁️

Which sessions are you visiting today? Tell me so we can meet sometime! 


Joining the rest of the Inclusion Cloud team in San Francisco! Ready for #Dreamforce!

I’m happy to meet Mariano Baca-Storni and Ariel Pigni for this amazing journey after two years of attending #DF22 online. 

Let me know if you’ll be in the city and want to meet, we’ll be visiting the event and making time to see our clients and colleagues! 


Already feeling the #Dreamforce vibes as we arrive in San Francisco ☁️🛬

We’ll be joining our clients, meeting new people, and attending many of the sessions and keynotes in the #DF22

It’s a pleasure to be with Ariel Pigni and Nicolas (Nick) Baca-Storni from Inclusion Cloud in this journey, you are such a great team! 

Let me know if you’ll be around, so we can meet and talk about your present business needs!


Hello San Francisco! The Inclusion Cloud team is already here! 

This week we’ll be visiting offices and clients in the city, and of course, attending #DF22 ☁️

I was already missing this wonderful city, and I feel this opportunity will be amazing! 

PS: Thanks to the #marketing team for editing this video 😜