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Salesforce Architect

Hire Top 1% Salesforce Architects

Our Salesforce Architects use Salesforce products to assist in the design and delivery of the best solutions for enterprise-grade clients. They are experts in the primary role of specifying the trade-offs involved in selecting one solution over another and recommending the optimal option for a specific set of requirements.

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Salesforce Certified Tecnical Architect - Salesforce Certifications




Our Salesforce Solutions

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We focus on finding talents ready to own the integrity and strength of the recommended solutions. We provide professionals with both a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and top-notch social skills to get ideas and solutions across to stakeholders.

What you can do with us

Our services have transformed Fortune 500 brands and leading companies across multiple industries and verticals.

Staff Augmentation

Hire hourly and/or part-time Software Engineers that support your in-house team’s Software Development Outsourcing Cycle as needed.

Dedicated Teams

Get an autonomous and self-organized group of Top Engineers that team up to focus on growth and risk reduction through collaboration.

Software Development

We will provide Full-cycle Software Development for your next-generation Enterprise Applications.

Our Strengths in Salesforce

Our Senior Certified Developers have 10 years+ of experience. Salesforce Programmers work as an extension of your teams or as a Software Factory, both models producing measurable business outcomes.
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We have a Top Salesforce Consulting Service with exceptional expertise and communication skills. If you are looking for an implementation partner, we can help by providing you with the best talent out there. Our consultants have worked for all Salesforce products and industries.
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Our Salesforce Admins will work with your stakeholders to define system requirements and customize the platform. Using our proven Pod Methodology, they can enable global collaboration between the parts.
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Our QA Testers with Automation skills are highly valued and can use Selenium, Assure Click, QTP among other tools. Manual SFDC Testing is performed by a Senior QA team that uses path testing, functional testing, integration testing, regression testing and system testing.
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Our Salesforce Architects are trusted advisors and leaders who partner with your business stakeholders and executives to design a vision and architecture for a solution to a business problem. Such Professionals and Experts are often in the position of the Technical Team Leaders and help educate the team with technical best practices.
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Hire Excellent PMs that are able to assess risks, opportunities, deliverables, and threats for projects. They can also set goals, tasks, and plans of development for Salesforce projects, liaising with clients and management about timelines, costs, and project objectives.
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Enhance your production journey & environment with Salesforce Platform’s customized apps.


We provide 24x7 support, monitoring, backup, patching and compliance services from a team of Certified Salesforce Engineers.


Benefit from a Salesforce deployment that only takes hours to go live.


We carefully manage the life cycle of your Salesforce products.

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Want to hire top 1% engineers?

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