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.NET Developers

Hire Top 1% Remote .NET Developers

Get Top 1% of .NET Developers on-demand in 72hrs. World-class level vetting with 8+ hours of tests and interviews.

Our specialists will use this framework to help you cover a wide range of applications, from web to Windows-based.

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.NET Developer



Our .NET Solutions

There are countless examples of things you can do
with .NET applications.

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What you can do with us

Our services have transformed Fortune 500 brands and leading companies across multiple industries and verticals.

Staff Augmentation

Hire hourly and/or part-time Software Engineers that support your in-house team’s Software Development Outsourcing Cycle as needed.

Dedicated Teams

Get an autonomous and self-organized group of Top Engineers that team up to focus on growth and risk reduction through collaboration.

Software Development

We will provide Full-cycle Software Development for your next-generation Enterprise Applications.

Our .NET Ready-to-go Talents

.NET Developer

Web Developer

  • Our pool includes all three back-end (“server-oriented”), front-end (“user-oriented”), and full-stack (both previously mentioned) web developers who are specialized in .Net. 
  • Besides server-side tasks and layout, web developers implement site updates and new content. Therefore, we prioritize collaborative profiles who are able to work with management and other programmers to make sure their websites look and work exactly how they should.
.NET Developer

.NET Developer

  • Our .Net Developers are experts in writing logic and platform development. We find the best profiles to join your team and start building websites and apps adapting to all the specificities you require.
  • .Net specialists are particularly trained for highly supported, well-designed apps that will boost your processes and interactions with the platform.
.NET Developer

Software Engineer

  • Our Software Engineers, just like Developers, are experts at writing, testing, and deploying code. Our pool is ready to integrate applications, debug programs, and overall improve and maintain your software. 
  • Add them to your team to ensure active programs run smoothly, update programs, fix bugs, and create new programs. Our professionals can work with a wide variety of technologies and platforms, from smart home devices to virtual assistants.
.NET Developer

.NET SQL Developer

  • Our SQL specialists make the most of established development tools, guidelines, and conventions such as Visual Studio, ASP.NET, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C#/VB.NET to develop the best products.
  • They are also ready to enhance existing systems by analyzing business objectives, preparing an action plan, and identifying areas for modification and improvement.

Want to hire top 1% engineers?

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